Crusoe’s No Bite is Right Tour!


Crusoe wasn’t the only one who had an early wake up! Did you see him on BT Vancouver and CTV Morning Live today?! He did so well and looked very handsome in his suit! We will post the links at the bottom so you can see yourself.

I had my early morning wake up, did my stretches and put on my repellent blend! You will see why this is important later. I hitched a ride to Vancouver with daddy and mummy and I went on a 5km walk around Coal Harbour. As I was meeting up with Crusoe later, I wanted to make sure I did a lot of flexing beforehand as I know he works out a lot!

We met up at Emery Barnes Park and Mia and Farfel joined us too. Shortly after Crusoe arrived with his parents and he got to meet us all. CBC Radio joined us too to do their interview and Crusoe told them all about his No Bite is Right tour where he travels around Canada to educate pet owners about flea and tick prevention which is a very important subject! Make sure to check out more info here: No Bite is Right

Then it was my turn to ask Crusoe some questions! I did interview him 2 years ago which you can check out here.


So Crusoe, I saw this yacht this morning which would be perfect for a party. If we put our treats together and your dad chips in, we should be able to afford it! What do you think? 

A yacht! I’m in! Let me work on dad and we can put an offer in before I leave Vancouver! Deal!? 

See, Crusoe and I are on the same page already! Crusoe, I was also wondering: How do you stay so calm? Mummy says I got ants in my pants!

Crusoe: But you are not even wearing pants! Or maybe you just need some more bug repellent BOL!

So after doing 2 morning shows today, would you be interested in doing this as a regular thing?

Crusoe: It was way too early to get up! If we can have my show start at 11am, I’m in!

After Vancouver where will you be headed next:

Crusoe: We will be in Toronto on May 4th and the last city will be determined by a twitter vote so be sure to vote for your city here!


Felix! Who’s that lady over there?


That’s Farfel! Isn’t she beautiful! 


Crusoe teaching me to pose for a great profile shot!

Tomorrow you can meet Crusoe at Cooper’s Park from 4-6pm where he will be pawtographing his book and educate everyone on flea and tick prevention. We hope to see you there!

BT Vancouver

CTV Morning Live

Be sure to also follow Crusoe on his Instagram (@crusoe_dachshund), Twitter (@Celeb_Dachshund) and on Facebook (Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund) and of course lots of more information on his website:

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


WiggleLess Back Brace review!

Mummy said I had work to do when I received a package a few weeks ago! There better be lots of treats in this for me is all I’m saying! She unwrapped the package and took out what daddy thought was a Stormtrooper armor! I thought wohooo – I’m so ready to protect the galaxy! Mummy quickly interrupted and said this is very serious business so told me to put my reporter hat on and stay focused!

Wiggleless contacted us to try out their Back Brace which is vet-recommended and offers back stability and stress relief for your dog. Their website also says it’s easy to use, made of durable, lightweight and breathable constructions. It’s great for dogs suffering with IVDD.

So let’s dig in – figural speaking of course! As I wear jumpers and jackets more or less every day I’m used to having something on me so I didn’t think twice when mummy put the back brace on it. Because it was still a new feeling to me as the back brace has built-in boning for firm support, I only wore it for short amounts of time to begin with. Though after 3 days I even had it on during my morning snooze so I found it very comfortable!

IMG_6875 IMG_6888


The back brace is super easy to use and put on. I got the XS and we were also sent the X Strip which was a good idea. Because I work out a lot the back brace needed a little extra length around my girth so by putting on the X Strip, the back brace fitted perfectly. It is fitted with velcro at the spine and across the chest which makes it really easy to put on and adjust.

IMG_6901IMG_6898The back brace gives great support to my back while it is still easy to move around. It’s super light so for me it’s just like wearing my sweater or jackets. My harness can easily be worn on top so I could wear the back brace when I was on my walks too. Which is a good thing in my case, as there’s no rest for a zombie hunter!

IMG_6892 IMG_6894

I’m giving the WiggleLess 5 paws up!

Mummy here:

Even though Felix doesn’t have any back problems, it is easy to see how the back brace would be an excellent help for any dog with IVDD or back problems. The back brace gives great support and avoid the dog doing any crazy twists and turns. We would definitely recommend this as an extra tool if your dog has any back problems to help with recovery.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

The Walking Dead & Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund!

This week has been one to go down in history for The Doxie Press! Mummy went to Atlanta to meet Isabella and Waylon, a bunch of my aunties AND Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund!!!!!! As I couldn’t come on this trip, I hired Isabella and Waylon to be my reporters and photographers in the field as this was not something The Doxie Press should miss out on!

I gave mummy strict instructions on what everyone’s job would be and gave her precious cargo; my bow tie and reporter hat! I sent her off Monday morning after I had checked the airport was free of zombies. IMG_5177

Mummy arrived in Atlanta airport Monday evening and was picked up by Aunty Cassie, Isabella and Waylon! So I will now leave the reporting to Isabella and Waylon as they were there and can report first hand how the trip went.

Thank you Felix! We are so excited that you gave us this opportunity and we are really honoured that you would trust us enough to give us this job! Waylon drove us to the airport as mummy was a little clueless to where we were going! We circled and we circled and we circled and THEN! Aunty Ran was there!!!!! OMD! OMD! She’s really here!! I’m sure she must just have had some bacon because Waylon was all over here and giving her kisses before she even sat down! I told him to calm down and start driving while I kept Aunty Ran warm. Over to you Waylon!

Step on the pedals mummy!! Let’s get this show on the road! Oh first another kiss for Aunty Ran! Mwah! Izzy, make sure to tell her all about the sights that we pass! Aunty Ran, we are so excited that you are finally here! I packed all my favourite toys to show you! I can’t wait to get to our hotel! Before long we found the hotel and we started sniffing for Aunty Mel and Diann! Where on earth were they!? I suddenly heard yelling and sure enough Aunty Mel and Diann had arrived! Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone! And finally I could show off my toys! Squeak squeak squeak!

It ended up being a long night because we had so much to catch up on and plan our stay in Atlanta! Both Izzy and me got to try Felix’s reporter bow tie and hat! It fit us just perfectly and we did a few photos so we would be ready for the next day!

IMG_5194 IMG_5180

Izzy here again! Tuesday morning came around before we could say “Crusoe is in da house!” Aunty Diann, Ran and mummy went to have breakfast and when they got into the breakfast room, guess who was there! Crusoe’s mum and dad, Ryan and Laurence! Aunty Diann met them this summer so she nicely introduced everyone to each other. Ryan asked if they wanted to join them and well you don’t say no to that! They had a nice chat and Aunty Mel finally got there and Ryan and Laurence got some presents, we had put together for them. Crusoe was going to be on the local channel for noon as a food critic so Ryan and Laurence had to head out. You know Crusoe would need a massage first and then getting styled before his TV appearance! He’s one busy dog! Over to you Waylon!


Thank you Izzy! Next stop on our trip was Senoia! I wasn’t too sure about this part of the trip but Felix had told me that as long as we followed his instructions, we would be fine. You see Felix gave us some zombie training before this trip because being in Atlanta, we had to go visit The Walking Dead Museum and the Woodbury Shoppe and see where they are filming the show. Mummy on the other hand was slightly concerned about this! She was scared that we would run into walkers!


Izzy was in the front with Aunty Mel being extra vigilant and ready to warn us in case we would run into a herd of walkers! We parked up and we got into our stroller ready for the action. Well first the aunties had to go into some shops and buy Dachshund Poop! Can you believe those crazy ladies! Tsk tsk tsk! Back to you Izzy.

We entered The Walking Dead shop: Woodbury Shoppe. You could get everything! T-shirts, mugs, bags and even a cross bow! Aunty Ran decided against it as she didn’t want to get in trouble trying to get that back home to Canada! When they had finished shopping, we went downstairs where we found scenes from the show! Felix you would be so proud of us! We inspected it thoroughly and made sure it was safe for everyone to go in. There were lots of photos taken and I even checked out that handsome Daryl Dixon that Aunty Ran and Mel kept talking about. I’d say not bad at all though he ain’t Crusoe! Swoon!



Alright Izzy, stop drooling! We need to stay professional here! After checking out the cells, Daryl’s motorbike and all the cool photos, we headed into The Walking Dead Cafe! It was time for a little break and a Puppachino! Izzy decided to inspect everything again just to be on the safe side so she took a stroll around the facilities. She came back with the all clear! We headed back outside and headed down to the gazebo where we were told filming of season 6 takes place. We got so close to Alexandria! We could see the houses and the wall surrounding the area! Unfortunately they weren’t filming so we didn’t get to see the real action. I also think mummy would have freaked out if she saw a herd of walkers!



It was time to head back to the car and drive back to the hotel so we could get ready for the book signing! Aunty Beth and Paula had also arrived and they brought Mac with them too! Everyone was so excited to see each other. We got to meet Abby and Georgie too! Excitement all around!

It was time for Izzy to get beautified for the handsome Crusoe! You never know how long that can take! First she had to choose her outfit! Should she go with the classy dress and pearls or her Batdog dress! She decided to go a mix and put on the Batdog dress and added the pearls to finish it off. She looked beautiful! I put my Batdog shirt on – you sense a theme here! Izzy you go ahead and continue.


Oh boy! We were in for such a surprise! Crusoe had arranged to have a meet and greet at our hotel so we could all meet him before the book signing!! I was sure I was going to faint when they told us! He must have heard I was there so he had pressured his mum and dad to do this so he could meet me! And Waylon of course! We got to not just see Crusoe but say hi, sniff his ears and give him kisses! I’m never going to have a bath ever ever again!!! I’m the luckiest ever!



We were all sitting outside around the fire pit, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the view! The view being Crusoe of course!

We had to say our goodbyes as Crusoe needed a little nap before his book signing but we stayed at the fire pit for a while longer while the adults chatted together. I was so mesmerized by it all that I had to lie down for a bit! Waylon your turn; I’m just going to go over here to dream a little!

We couldn’t go to the book signing as it was in a book store and they didn’t allow dogs except for Crusoe of course! So this is based on what mummy and the aunties told us what happened. When they arrived there was already a long queue and they had already sold out of the book! They joined the queue and Aunty Diann went up to the front to help take photos. Everyone in the queue was so excited and I’m sure if you watched on Periscope, you saw what a great turnout it was and how excited everyone was. They all had a great time even though they were waiting up to 2 hours to meet Crusoe and get his pawtograph.




Mummy and all the aunties were the last in the queue so they got to see Crusoe finish the last pawtographs, take lots of photos and see Crusoe get his reward for his hard work! A very big squeaky toy! He just went crazy for it! Squeak squeak squeak! What a day! Everyone was so so happy and mummy and all the aunties thanked Crusoe and his parents many times for their time and kindness. They then headed back to the hotel. We quickly got to see Abby and Georgie again before it was bedtime. It had been such an exciting and eventful day that we quickly all tucked under the blankets. We knew we had to leave the day after so we got lots of kisses from Aunty Diann, Mel and Ran. We sure are going to miss them lots! Izzy why don’t you finish off the report.

It will be my honour Waylon! We got up very early Wednesday as mummy had to get us home and then get into work! We said our good byes with lots of kisses and hugs and headed on our way.

Boy it has been some exciting couple of days! We had such a great time and we are still amazed that we got to meet Crusoe! And Felix it was so much fun to be reporters in the field for you! We do hope that you like the reporting because we had so much fun and thank you for letting us borrow your mummy for a couple of days! We will never forget this!

This is Isabella and Waylon reporting from Atlanta on behalf of The Doxie Press.

Wow Izzy and Waylon that was amazing! Thank you so much for the great report. You did me proud! You were so lucky that you got to meet Crusoe as well as going to see where The Walking Dead is filmed! Thank you again!

From mummy:

A special thank you to Crusoe, Ryan and Laurence for their kindness and for letting us meet Crusoe at the hotel before the book signing. You made some of your fans really happy and we can’t thank you enough for being so awesome!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

Weekend Away With Felix

We just got home form the Sunshine Coast last night! When mummy told me we were going I straight away packed my shorts, sun glasses and speedos because I of course expected lots of sun! Boy was I wrong! It rained and rained and stormed and we were without power for some of the time but I tell you I still had lots of fun exploring and visiting daddy’s sister and family!

We headed off Friday as soon as daddy finished work. We had a little drive before we were at the ferry terminal – I have been on a ferry before when I moved from Denmark to England but I was left in a kennel in a secure room. That was of course because I was so precious cargo that they didn’t want to loose me! This time I could sit in the car with mummy and daddy and it was only a 40min ferry ride. On the other side, we had a short ride to our destination.


Getting some wind in my fur on the ferry ride

There was a welcome committee which included my Aunty, Uncle and their little humans! Everyone was happy to see each other and when the greeting were finally over, I could finally inspect the property to clear it from zombies! Luckily they had already done a great job by having a fence around the garden to keep zombies out (and other wildlife) so I cleared the place pretty quickly.


But get this! They suddenly brought in not one but two cats!!!!!! See I only like Lily because she’s my sister so I was a little surprised at this sudden turn of events! First off they could be zombies! So obviously I had to inspect them straight away but I approached them them with caution as to not get bitten in case they were zombies. I could quickly determine that they weren’t zombies and I decided to see if they could be good recruits for the ZombieSquad as we can always use more members. The oldest one, Marley, was not very approachable though so I knew he was going to be hard to convince to get on my side. The youngest, Mojo, seemed more willing so I decided to concentrate on him. It turned out to be a great idea. Not long after he would come up to be and greet me with a nose bump and we knew this was going to be a great relationship. I also knew this would be my way in to Marley.

Over the weekend I worked my magic and by Saturday evening I had both onboard to help protect the world against zombies. We could now be in the same room and not chase each other and I even let them drink out of my drinking bowl!

Marley & Mojo

Marley & Mojo

Saturday we woke up to no power due to a storm and heavy rain. The wind had taken down tree branches who had then obstructed the power cables. It only lasted for a couple of hours so it wasn’t too bad for us. We then went on a drive to the beach and to explore the surroundings. Mummy wanted to bring back some driftwood for some of her projects so I put my nose down to find the perfect pieces. It was very windy but we did great and brought back some awesome pieces which now need to be cleaned and dried before mummy can make her art pieces.




      Selfie time! Where’s the camera!?

Afterwards we went to Davids Bay and there were lots of people standing by the sea and on the pier looking out onto the water so we decided to stop and check it out. It turned out it was a big grey whale! It swam back and forth and it even waved once at us! We also saw a seal pop up his head and disappearing again.IMG_3359

Sunday we went on more adventures and took a trail down to another beach! Mummy almost couldn’t keep up with me as I was jumping over tree stumps, running over bridges and looking out for zombies! It was still wet from the storm but we made it to the beach without anyone falling over.


There were lots of stones and rocks at the beach so I helped mummy pick out some nice ones she can use for crafting while daddy and the kids went out on some rocks. See I don’t really like water so I stayed where I could stay dry! Though I did step in a big pile of seaweed! I heard it’s good for your skin BOL!



I also helped daddy take some really cool photos while we were there. It’s important to help where you can so I told him where to point the camera! I thought I did really well.


Sunday afternoon it was time to head back home but first we explored Gibsons a little bit before heading to the ferry terminal. We had to wait a bit before we could get onboard the ferry so I made sure there were no zombies around! It was a lovely weekend but the fresh air made me tired so today all I have done is sleep and sleep some more!


That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

Pet-A-Palooza here we come!

Pet-A-Palooza – where all the cool dogs go! So of course I was going too! We picked up my friend Walter first and then headed to Yaletown to see what it was all about! When we got there, it was already very busy and being a low rider, I was happy to be carried a little so I have a better view of my surroundings.

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.03 PM (9)

We walked around and had a look at the stalls as well as meeting lots of dogs. Tiny dogs, small dogs, big dogs and enormous dogs! And the best of kinds: other dachshunds! I wonder if the mentality is the same amongst the humans who own the same breeds as mummy has found with other dachshund owners. They just instantly get it! We met Freddie who is 11 and mummy had a chat with his dad and they were talking about our lovely personalities and love for big dogs. Do you sense the sarcasm here BOL!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.02 PM (1)

This little cutie is only 9 months and a little shy but hey so am I! Plus it was all very overwhelming with so many people and dogs in one space. So I had a little chat with her and said it’s all going to be okay and stick with her own kind. We got each other’s backs!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.02 PM (3)

I visited the stall of Opus Hotel which is a pet friendly hotel in Yaletown. It sounded like a lovely place where they appreciate and welcome dogs to stay and they get pampered like royalties! That sure sounds great to me! I decided to have a little rest at their chair and it was so comfy! I know where to send my friends to stay when they are coming to town!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.03 PM

We also visited our friends at Moonlight Dog Cafe and there was a contest which we of course entered. They had a bike with a Buddyrider which is a bicycle pet seat! I tried it out and it seems very comfy to me – I would be able to go on bicycle rides with mummy if we had one of those. Imagine me with the wind in my fur!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.03 PM (7)

That’s the boys hanging out! You got Mark with Walter and daddy and me! We sure had a great day at the event and mummy said I did bark a lot but also had my nice moments. I don’t know what she means about that so I wouldn’t listen to her BOL!

Moo-cow’s first adventure!

So when we woke up today, mummy said it was raining cats and dogs outside. I don’t know what she was on about but I saw no cats and dogs falling from the sky! We had planned to go for a little trip to Point Roberts, WA which meant crossing the border. As some of you know, I have already travelled a bit as I have been living in 3 countries by now but this would be the first time crossing a border by car. Mummy wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t deny me entrance so she called both the Food & Drug Inspection Agency in Richmond and the CDC in the States. I mean come on mum! I’m Felix from The Doxie Press! Of course they can’t deny me entrance! I’m a celebrity!

Anyway; mummy of course did the right thing and the lady in Richmond was very helpful and advised we can use my pet passport from Europe to get back into Canada. The States might be lovely but it’s very important that we can get back home. She then spoke to he CDC and after a long talk, was told we can’t use it to get into the States. However a letter from the vet stating I have a rabies vaccination is sufficient so mummy asked if we can use the letter we used when we first moved here. It is dated 2013 but the rabies vaccination is still valid so we were told the letter would be fine. So we were good to go!

Let's goIt’s only a 30min drive from our current place to the border; that is if you don’t miss the turn! Daddy! BOL! But we did eventually get there. The officers at the border were super nice even though I did bark at them. I of course had to make sure they weren’t zombies! Mummy and daddy got their paperwork sorted out and the officer didn’t even check mine. They must have known I’m a celebrity then!

We went to Lighthouse Marine Park where we went for a walk and also enjoyed the views. I even sniffed some seaweed! Blegh! It was very beautiful place and moo-cow enjoyed it too as you can see on the photo.

IMG_3118 IMG_3122-1 IMG_4439 IMG_4443 IMG_4445 IMG_4447Afterwards we headed for a drive around and there are some lovely houses there with beautiful views. We ended up at a little cafe where mummy and daddy got a bit to eat before we headed back home. We of course had to cross the border again but there were no issues and I didn’t have to show any papers this time either. As we got back home the rain had stopped and the rest of the afternoon was lovely. I did  need a snooze after the walk and drive though.

I hope you like the photos!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

Doxie hunting…

Haha I fooled you! I bet you clicked on the post and was about to yell, “What on earth is Felix on about now!” Don’t worry no doxies were injured in this blog post! We are of course talking about doxie ITEMS hunting! Mummy went crazy in Europe and snapped up everything and anything with a doxie on it! She even tried to convince herself that a mouse pen sort of could look like a doxie!

Anyway I hope you are sitting down because she did find lots and I’m ready to show you some of the awesome things! And be sure to check in on my Facebook page later as I will be having a giveaway for one of these things.

Even before mummy and daddy left for their trip, mummy had her friend order some doxie items as she didn’t want to miss out! She got these beautiful candles and check out the crown! Does it remind you of someone?? If you don’t know, check out my very good friend Qutie’s page here.


She also got tome tea towels from the same place (the store is called Next)


She also managed to get a very cool calendar and a ring holder thanks to another great friend.


In Denmark she went a little mad but she says you can never have too many doxie items! And now that we will be moving to a bigger place soon, we have space for all these little nick nacks. Amongst the things she bought were a little suitcase and a little storage box. They did have several in other sizes but she couldn’t fit it in her suitcase, so she only bought one of each. She also found this perfect sign! I of course truly agree on it!

IMG_6726-1 IMG_6744-1

The same store who had the little suitcase and box also had some cool bags which are perfect for grocery shopping and one of them even fit a doxie!



One of mummy’s friend also got her some awesome mugs! And you see what’s in the background of all the photos? It’s a door mat, also with a doxie on it. Perfect for our new home.


Pretty awesome finds wasn’t it? She did get some more but as we are about to move soon, some have already been packed down but we hope you like the ones we have shown. Now check back tonight on our Facebook page as we will announce a giveaway for one of the items, she got several of.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!