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Crusoe’s No Bite is Right Tour!


Crusoe wasn’t the only one who had an early wake up! Did you see him on BT Vancouver and CTV Morning Live today?! He did so well and looked very handsome in his suit! We will post the links at the bottom so you can see yourself.

I had my early morning wake up, did my stretches and put on my repellent blend! You will see why this is important later. I hitched a ride to Vancouver with daddy and mummy and I went on a 5km walk around Coal Harbour. As I was meeting up with Crusoe later, I wanted to make sure I did a lot of flexing beforehand as I know he works out a lot!

We met up at Emery Barnes Park and Mia and Farfel joined us too. Shortly after Crusoe arrived with his parents and he got to meet us all. CBC Radio joined us too to do their interview and Crusoe told them all about his No Bite is Right tour where he travels around Canada to educate pet owners about flea and tick prevention which is a very important subject! Make sure to check out more info here: No Bite is Right

Then it was my turn to ask Crusoe some questions! I did interview him 2 years ago which you can check out here.


So Crusoe, I saw this yacht this morning which would be perfect for a party. If we put our treats together and your dad chips in, we should be able to afford it! What do you think? 

A yacht! I’m in! Let me work on dad and we can put an offer in before I leave Vancouver! Deal!? 

See, Crusoe and I are on the same page already! Crusoe, I was also wondering: How do you stay so calm? Mummy says I got ants in my pants!

Crusoe: But you are not even wearing pants! Or maybe you just need some more bug repellent BOL!

So after doing 2 morning shows today, would you be interested in doing this as a regular thing?

Crusoe: It was way too early to get up! If we can have my show start at 11am, I’m in!

After Vancouver where will you be headed next:

Crusoe: We will be in Toronto on May 4th and the last city will be determined by a twitter vote so be sure to vote for your city here!


Felix! Who’s that lady over there?


That’s Farfel! Isn’t she beautiful! 


Crusoe teaching me to pose for a great profile shot!

Tomorrow you can meet Crusoe at Cooper’s Park from 4-6pm where he will be pawtographing his book and educate everyone on flea and tick prevention. We hope to see you there!

BT Vancouver

CTV Morning Live

Be sure to also follow Crusoe on his Instagram (@crusoe_dachshund), Twitter (@Celeb_Dachshund) and on Facebook (Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund) and of course lots of more information on his website: www.celebritydachshund.com

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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