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WiggleLess Back Brace review!

Mummy said I had work to do when I received a package a few weeks ago! There better be lots of treats in this for me is all I’m saying! She unwrapped the package and took out what daddy thought was a Stormtrooper armor! I thought wohooo – I’m so ready to protect the galaxy! Mummy quickly interrupted and said this is very serious business so told me to put my reporter hat on and stay focused!

Wiggleless contacted us to try out their Back Brace which is vet-recommended and offers back stability and stress relief for your dog. Their website also says it’s easy to use, made of durable, lightweight and breathable constructions. It’s great for dogs suffering with IVDD.

So let’s dig in – figural speaking of course! As I wear jumpers and jackets more or less every day I’m used to having something on me so I didn’t think twice when mummy put the back brace on it. Because it was still a new feeling to me as the back brace has built-in boning for firm support, I only wore it for short amounts of time to begin with. Though after 3 days I even had it on during my morning snooze so I found it very comfortable!

IMG_6875 IMG_6888


The back brace is super easy to use and put on. I got the XS and we were also sent the X Strip which was a good idea. Because I work out a lot the back brace needed a little extra length around my girth so by putting on the X Strip, the back brace fitted perfectly. It is fitted with velcro at the spine and across the chest which makes it really easy to put on and adjust.

IMG_6901IMG_6898The back brace gives great support to my back while it is still easy to move around. It’s super light so for me it’s just like wearing my sweater or jackets. My harness can easily be worn on top so I could wear the back brace when I was on my walks too. Which is a good thing in my case, as there’s no rest for a zombie hunter!

IMG_6892 IMG_6894

I’m giving the WiggleLess 5 paws up!

Mummy here:

Even though Felix doesn’t have any back problems, it is easy to see how the back brace would be an excellent help for any dog with IVDD or back problems. The back brace gives great support and avoid the dog doing any crazy twists and turns. We would definitely recommend this as an extra tool if your dog has any back problems to help with recovery.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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