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The Walking Dead & Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund!

This week has been one to go down in history for The Doxie Press! Mummy went to Atlanta to meet Isabella and Waylon, a bunch of my aunties AND Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund!!!!!! As I couldn’t come on this trip, I hired Isabella and Waylon to be my reporters and photographers in the field as this was not something The Doxie Press should miss out on!

I gave mummy strict instructions on what everyone’s job would be and gave her precious cargo; my bow tie and reporter hat! I sent her off Monday morning after I had checked the airport was free of zombies. IMG_5177

Mummy arrived in Atlanta airport Monday evening and was picked up by Aunty Cassie, Isabella and Waylon! So I will now leave the reporting to Isabella and Waylon as they were there and can report first hand how the trip went.

Thank you Felix! We are so excited that you gave us this opportunity and we are really honoured that you would trust us enough to give us this job! Waylon drove us to the airport as mummy was a little clueless to where we were going! We circled and we circled and we circled and THEN! Aunty Ran was there!!!!! OMD! OMD! She’s really here!! I’m sure she must just have had some bacon because Waylon was all over here and giving her kisses before she even sat down! I told him to calm down and start driving while I kept Aunty Ran warm. Over to you Waylon!

Step on the pedals mummy!! Let’s get this show on the road! Oh first another kiss for Aunty Ran! Mwah! Izzy, make sure to tell her all about the sights that we pass! Aunty Ran, we are so excited that you are finally here! I packed all my favourite toys to show you! I can’t wait to get to our hotel! Before long we found the hotel and we started sniffing for Aunty Mel and Diann! Where on earth were they!? I suddenly heard yelling and sure enough Aunty Mel and Diann had arrived! Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone! And finally I could show off my toys! Squeak squeak squeak!

It ended up being a long night because we had so much to catch up on and plan our stay in Atlanta! Both Izzy and me got to try Felix’s reporter bow tie and hat! It fit us just perfectly and we did a few photos so we would be ready for the next day!

IMG_5194 IMG_5180

Izzy here again! Tuesday morning came around before we could say “Crusoe is in da house!” Aunty Diann, Ran and mummy went to have breakfast and when they got into the breakfast room, guess who was there! Crusoe’s mum and dad, Ryan and Laurence! Aunty Diann met them this summer so she nicely introduced everyone to each other. Ryan asked if they wanted to join them and well you don’t say no to that! They had a nice chat and Aunty Mel finally got there and Ryan and Laurence got some presents, we had put together for them. Crusoe was going to be on the local channel for noon as a food critic so Ryan and Laurence had to head out. You know Crusoe would need a massage first and then getting styled before his TV appearance! He’s one busy dog! Over to you Waylon!


Thank you Izzy! Next stop on our trip was Senoia! I wasn’t too sure about this part of the trip but Felix had told me that as long as we followed his instructions, we would be fine. You see Felix gave us some zombie training before this trip because being in Atlanta, we had to go visit The Walking Dead Museum and the Woodbury Shoppe and see where they are filming the show. Mummy on the other hand was slightly concerned about this! She was scared that we would run into walkers!


Izzy was in the front with Aunty Mel being extra vigilant and ready to warn us in case we would run into a herd of walkers! We parked up and we got into our stroller ready for the action. Well first the aunties had to go into some shops and buy Dachshund Poop! Can you believe those crazy ladies! Tsk tsk tsk! Back to you Izzy.

We entered The Walking Dead shop: Woodbury Shoppe. You could get everything! T-shirts, mugs, bags and even a cross bow! Aunty Ran decided against it as she didn’t want to get in trouble trying to get that back home to Canada! When they had finished shopping, we went downstairs where we found scenes from the show! Felix you would be so proud of us! We inspected it thoroughly and made sure it was safe for everyone to go in. There were lots of photos taken and I even checked out that handsome Daryl Dixon that Aunty Ran and Mel kept talking about. I’d say not bad at all though he ain’t Crusoe! Swoon!



Alright Izzy, stop drooling! We need to stay professional here! After checking out the cells, Daryl’s motorbike and all the cool photos, we headed into The Walking Dead Cafe! It was time for a little break and a Puppachino! Izzy decided to inspect everything again just to be on the safe side so she took a stroll around the facilities. She came back with the all clear! We headed back outside and headed down to the gazebo where we were told filming of season 6 takes place. We got so close to Alexandria! We could see the houses and the wall surrounding the area! Unfortunately they weren’t filming so we didn’t get to see the real action. I also think mummy would have freaked out if she saw a herd of walkers!



It was time to head back to the car and drive back to the hotel so we could get ready for the book signing! Aunty Beth and Paula had also arrived and they brought Mac with them too! Everyone was so excited to see each other. We got to meet Abby and Georgie too! Excitement all around!

It was time for Izzy to get beautified for the handsome Crusoe! You never know how long that can take! First she had to choose her outfit! Should she go with the classy dress and pearls or her Batdog dress! She decided to go a mix and put on the Batdog dress and added the pearls to finish it off. She looked beautiful! I put my Batdog shirt on – you sense a theme here! Izzy you go ahead and continue.


Oh boy! We were in for such a surprise! Crusoe had arranged to have a meet and greet at our hotel so we could all meet him before the book signing!! I was sure I was going to faint when they told us! He must have heard I was there so he had pressured his mum and dad to do this so he could meet me! And Waylon of course! We got to not just see Crusoe but say hi, sniff his ears and give him kisses! I’m never going to have a bath ever ever again!!! I’m the luckiest ever!



We were all sitting outside around the fire pit, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the view! The view being Crusoe of course!

We had to say our goodbyes as Crusoe needed a little nap before his book signing but we stayed at the fire pit for a while longer while the adults chatted together. I was so mesmerized by it all that I had to lie down for a bit! Waylon your turn; I’m just going to go over here to dream a little!

We couldn’t go to the book signing as it was in a book store and they didn’t allow dogs except for Crusoe of course! So this is based on what mummy and the aunties told us what happened. When they arrived there was already a long queue and they had already sold out of the book! They joined the queue and Aunty Diann went up to the front to help take photos. Everyone in the queue was so excited and I’m sure if you watched on Periscope, you saw what a great turnout it was and how excited everyone was. They all had a great time even though they were waiting up to 2 hours to meet Crusoe and get his pawtograph.




Mummy and all the aunties were the last in the queue so they got to see Crusoe finish the last pawtographs, take lots of photos and see Crusoe get his reward for his hard work! A very big squeaky toy! He just went crazy for it! Squeak squeak squeak! What a day! Everyone was so so happy and mummy and all the aunties thanked Crusoe and his parents many times for their time and kindness. They then headed back to the hotel. We quickly got to see Abby and Georgie again before it was bedtime. It had been such an exciting and eventful day that we quickly all tucked under the blankets. We knew we had to leave the day after so we got lots of kisses from Aunty Diann, Mel and Ran. We sure are going to miss them lots! Izzy why don’t you finish off the report.

It will be my honour Waylon! We got up very early Wednesday as mummy had to get us home and then get into work! We said our good byes with lots of kisses and hugs and headed on our way.

Boy it has been some exciting couple of days! We had such a great time and we are still amazed that we got to meet Crusoe! And Felix it was so much fun to be reporters in the field for you! We do hope that you like the reporting because we had so much fun and thank you for letting us borrow your mummy for a couple of days! We will never forget this!

This is Isabella and Waylon reporting from Atlanta on behalf of The Doxie Press.

Wow Izzy and Waylon that was amazing! Thank you so much for the great report. You did me proud! You were so lucky that you got to meet Crusoe as well as going to see where The Walking Dead is filmed! Thank you again!

From mummy:

A special thank you to Crusoe, Ryan and Laurence for their kindness and for letting us meet Crusoe at the hotel before the book signing. You made some of your fans really happy and we can’t thank you enough for being so awesome!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead & Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund!

  1. This is a wonderful story, and I wish so much I could have been there with you. Reading this though I feel like I was. !!! I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish. Bravo.

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