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Weekend Away With Felix

We just got home form the Sunshine Coast last night! When mummy told me we were going I straight away packed my shorts, sun glasses and speedos because I of course expected lots of sun! Boy was I wrong! It rained and rained and stormed and we were without power for some of the time but I tell you I still had lots of fun exploring and visiting daddy’s sister and family!

We headed off Friday as soon as daddy finished work. We had a little drive before we were at the ferry terminal – I have been on a ferry before when I moved from Denmark to England but I was left in a kennel in a secure room. That was of course because I was so precious cargo that they didn’t want to loose me! This time I could sit in the car with mummy and daddy and it was only a 40min ferry ride. On the other side, we had a short ride to our destination.


Getting some wind in my fur on the ferry ride

There was a welcome committee which included my Aunty, Uncle and their little humans! Everyone was happy to see each other and when the greeting were finally over, I could finally inspect the property to clear it from zombies! Luckily they had already done a great job by having a fence around the garden to keep zombies out (and other wildlife) so I cleared the place pretty quickly.


But get this! They suddenly brought in not one but two cats!!!!!! See I only like Lily because she’s my sister so I was a little surprised at this sudden turn of events! First off they could be zombies! So obviously I had to inspect them straight away but I approached them them with caution as to not get bitten in case they were zombies. I could quickly determine that they weren’t zombies and I decided to see if they could be good recruits for the ZombieSquad as we can always use more members. The oldest one, Marley, was not very approachable though so I knew he was going to be hard to convince to get on my side. The youngest, Mojo, seemed more willing so I decided to concentrate on him. It turned out to be a great idea. Not long after he would come up to be and greet me with a nose bump and we knew this was going to be a great relationship. I also knew this would be my way in to Marley.

Over the weekend I worked my magic and by Saturday evening I had both onboard to help protect the world against zombies. We could now be in the same room and not chase each other and I even let them drink out of my drinking bowl!

Marley & Mojo

Marley & Mojo

Saturday we woke up to no power due to a storm and heavy rain. The wind had taken down tree branches who had then obstructed the power cables. It only lasted for a couple of hours so it wasn’t too bad for us. We then went on a drive to the beach and to explore the surroundings. Mummy wanted to bring back some driftwood for some of her projects so I put my nose down to find the perfect pieces. It was very windy but we did great and brought back some awesome pieces which now need to be cleaned and dried before mummy can make her art pieces.




      Selfie time! Where’s the camera!?

Afterwards we went to Davids Bay and there were lots of people standing by the sea and on the pier looking out onto the water so we decided to stop and check it out. It turned out it was a big grey whale! It swam back and forth and it even waved once at us! We also saw a seal pop up his head and disappearing again.IMG_3359

Sunday we went on more adventures and took a trail down to another beach! Mummy almost couldn’t keep up with me as I was jumping over tree stumps, running over bridges and looking out for zombies! It was still wet from the storm but we made it to the beach without anyone falling over.


There were lots of stones and rocks at the beach so I helped mummy pick out some nice ones she can use for crafting while daddy and the kids went out on some rocks. See I don’t really like water so I stayed where I could stay dry! Though I did step in a big pile of seaweed! I heard it’s good for your skin BOL!



I also helped daddy take some really cool photos while we were there. It’s important to help where you can so I told him where to point the camera! I thought I did really well.


Sunday afternoon it was time to head back home but first we explored Gibsons a little bit before heading to the ferry terminal. We had to wait a bit before we could get onboard the ferry so I made sure there were no zombies around! It was a lovely weekend but the fresh air made me tired so today all I have done is sleep and sleep some more!


That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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