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Pet-A-Palooza here we come!

Pet-A-Palooza – where all the cool dogs go! So of course I was going too! We picked up my friend Walter first and then headed to Yaletown to see what it was all about! When we got there, it was already very busy and being a low rider, I was happy to be carried a little so I have a better view of my surroundings.

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.03 PM (9)

We walked around and had a look at the stalls as well as meeting lots of dogs. Tiny dogs, small dogs, big dogs and enormous dogs! And the best of kinds: other dachshunds! I wonder if the mentality is the same amongst the humans who own the same breeds as mummy has found with other dachshund owners. They just instantly get it! We met Freddie who is 11 and mummy had a chat with his dad and they were talking about our lovely personalities and love for big dogs. Do you sense the sarcasm here BOL!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.02 PM (1)

This little cutie is only 9 months and a little shy but hey so am I! Plus it was all very overwhelming with so many people and dogs in one space. So I had a little chat with her and said it’s all going to be okay and stick with her own kind. We got each other’s backs!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.02 PM (3)

I visited the stall of Opus Hotel which is a pet friendly hotel in Yaletown. It sounded like a lovely place where they appreciate and welcome dogs to stay and they get pampered like royalties! That sure sounds great to me! I decided to have a little rest at their chair and it was so comfy! I know where to send my friends to stay when they are coming to town!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.03 PM

We also visited our friends at Moonlight Dog Cafe and there was a contest which we of course entered. They had a bike with a Buddyrider which is a bicycle pet seat! I tried it out and it seems very comfy to me – I would be able to go on bicycle rides with mummy if we had one of those. Imagine me with the wind in my fur!

Image 2015-08-23 at 6.03 PM (7)

That’s the boys hanging out! You got Mark with Walter and daddy and me! We sure had a great day at the event and mummy said I did bark a lot but also had my nice moments. I don’t know what she means about that so I wouldn’t listen to her BOL!


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