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Moo-cow’s first adventure!

So when we woke up today, mummy said it was raining cats and dogs outside. I don’t know what she was on about but I saw no cats and dogs falling from the sky! We had planned to go for a little trip to Point Roberts, WA which meant crossing the border. As some of you know, I have already travelled a bit as I have been living in 3 countries by now but this would be the first time crossing a border by car. Mummy wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t deny me entrance so she called both the Food & Drug Inspection Agency in Richmond and the CDC in the States. I mean come on mum! I’m Felix from The Doxie Press! Of course they can’t deny me entrance! I’m a celebrity!

Anyway; mummy of course did the right thing and the lady in Richmond was very helpful and advised we can use my pet passport from Europe to get back into Canada. The States might be lovely but it’s very important that we can get back home. She then spoke to he CDC and after a long talk, was told we can’t use it to get into the States. However a letter from the vet stating I have a rabies vaccination is sufficient so mummy asked if we can use the letter we used when we first moved here. It is dated 2013 but the rabies vaccination is still valid so we were told the letter would be fine. So we were good to go!

Let's goIt’s only a 30min drive from our current place to the border; that is if you don’t miss the turn! Daddy! BOL! But we did eventually get there. The officers at the border were super nice even though I did bark at them. I of course had to make sure they weren’t zombies! Mummy and daddy got their paperwork sorted out and the officer didn’t even check mine. They must have known I’m a celebrity then!

We went to Lighthouse Marine Park where we went for a walk and also enjoyed the views. I even sniffed some seaweed! Blegh! It was very beautiful place and moo-cow enjoyed it too as you can see on the photo.

IMG_3118 IMG_3122-1 IMG_4439 IMG_4443 IMG_4445 IMG_4447Afterwards we headed for a drive around and there are some lovely houses there with beautiful views. We ended up at a little cafe where mummy and daddy got a bit to eat before we headed back home. We of course had to cross the border again but there were no issues and I didn’t have to show any papers this time either. As we got back home the rain had stopped and the rest of the afternoon was lovely. I did  need a snooze after the walk and drive though.

I hope you like the photos!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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