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Doxie hunting…

Haha I fooled you! I bet you clicked on the post and was about to yell, “What on earth is Felix on about now!” Don’t worry no doxies were injured in this blog post! We are of course talking about doxie ITEMS hunting! Mummy went crazy in Europe and snapped up everything and anything with a doxie on it! She even tried to convince herself that a mouse pen sort of could look like a doxie!

Anyway I hope you are sitting down because she did find lots and I’m ready to show you some of the awesome things! And be sure to check in on my Facebook page later as I will be having a giveaway for one of these things.

Even before mummy and daddy left for their trip, mummy had her friend order some doxie items as she didn’t want to miss out! She got these beautiful candles and check out the crown! Does it remind you of someone?? If you don’t know, check out my very good friend Qutie’s page here.


She also got tome tea towels from the same place (the store is called Next)


She also managed to get a very cool calendar and a ring holder thanks to another great friend.


In Denmark she went a little mad but she says you can never have too many doxie items! And now that we will be moving to a bigger place soon, we have space for all these little nick nacks. Amongst the things she bought were a little suitcase and a little storage box. They did have several in other sizes but she couldn’t fit it in her suitcase, so she only bought one of each. She also found this perfect sign! I of course truly agree on it!

IMG_6726-1 IMG_6744-1

The same store who had the little suitcase and box also had some cool bags which are perfect for grocery shopping and one of them even fit a doxie!



One of mummy’s friend also got her some awesome mugs! And you see what’s in the background of all the photos? It’s a door mat, also with a doxie on it. Perfect for our new home.


Pretty awesome finds wasn’t it? She did get some more but as we are about to move soon, some have already been packed down but we hope you like the ones we have shown. Now check back tonight on our Facebook page as we will announce a giveaway for one of the items, she got several of.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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