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Business of the Month: Wienerfest Home County Festival

Imagine hundreds of dachshunds! Then imagine hundreds of dachshunds in the same place! Then imagine you with the hundreds of dachshund in the same place! Pretty awesome eh! It can happen if you come to Weinerfest Home County Festival in June in Embro, Ontario! Here’s Linda, the Executive Director of Wienerfest, telling us about how they started and what the festival is about:

071“Wienerfest Home County Festival was started 15 years ago. It started out as a gathering of dachshund lovers who wanted to get together to share the fun antics of the breed with other dachshund owners. We started out with 20 people and about 40 dogs and it was a small potluck event.
Well the love of the breed grew and so did our event. Every year more and more people came. One year at the end of the festival we had two dachshunds that were surrendered to us. The owners didn’t want them anymore. They just walked up to us and handed us the dogs.

It was then that I realized that educating people about the breed would be beneifcal. So many people get excited when they see a wiener dog and say they want one, but so many people have no idea how much work goes into having this breed.

As the festival grew, so did the need for volunteers. Tiny Paws Dog Rescue of Canada was a great support to me and assisted with providing volunteers. I soon became a member of this wonderful organization. Tiny Paws rescues any dog 20 pounds and under. There are a number of members in the group that have a passion for the dachshund breed.
Well soon with the festival growing, people started donating money at the festival to helping the dogs in need. The funds went to TPDR.

As the popularity of the festival grew so did our attendance and the need to have more formal proceedures in place. Hence the festival became an event of Helping Homeless Pets. HHP is an organization where 51 rescues work together collectively to have a stronger voice in the community.
The festival has since taken on a life of its own with our new website www.wienerfest.ca and our facebook page Wienerfest Home County Festival

The festival is a full fun filled day where you can come with your pet and participate in a variety of games and events, i.e. costume contest, bobbing for wieners, yogurt licking contest and of course the wiener races. There are over 100 vendors as well that provide something for everyone in the family. As an added feature we will be having Dog Lovers Day join our event bringing a fun filled agility course, an obstacle course and a lure course. We will also have an area where your dog can try out it’s nose at the scent detection course.

549013_450698108352023_17438008_nIt has become one of our biggest fundraisers for our rescue group and helping the animals in need. The festival has attracted a number of great celebrity dachshunds as well. Last year we had a visit from Obie the Biggest Looser Dachshund and this year we have Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund coming. This year the festival is taking place on Sat June 20th, 2015. It is going to be great fun for the whole family.”

2014-08-16 09.45.14If you have followed our page for a while, you might remember the contest we had called “The Pawtastic Race” based on the TV-show The Amazing Race. The winner of it was Blue who is also the spokes dog for Wienerfest spreading the message of adopt don’t shop. We wanted to share his story with you too as he’s such a big part of Wienerfest.

Three years ago, in December Linda was at the closing of a pet store. As she was leaving, she discovered Blue in a cardboard box in a dumpster. The pet store had thrown him out like he was trash! He was very cold and close to going to the rainbow bridge, so Linda took him to the vet and they managed to get him back to health and now he lives with her family.

He since then became the spokes dog for Wienerfest and loves going to events and telling people about the importance of adopting not shopping. He gets so excited if he thinks he’s going in the car for an event. When he’s not spreading the word about pet rescue at events, Blue loves to sit in Linda’s chest while she’s on the computer. From this position he helps with Wienerfest’s Facebook page. You can hear more of his story here.

So what are you waiting for!? Head over to their Facebook page and give them a like and then book your trip to Canada! Because you don’t want to miss this event! We will share with you lots of fun things/posts throughout May and up to the event in June.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

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