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Business of the Month: Milez & Mama’s Custom doggy cutables

A new month means a new Business of the Month and we are very excited to introduce you to Milez & Mama’s Custom doggy cutables! Most of you know that me and Milez are best buddies which is why I’m very excited to share his and his Mama’s business with you all. Not only because we are friends but most importantly because they make some of the coolest doggy items ever! But first let’s hear from Mama Cathy as to why she started the business:

“I started making harness vests for Milez after he had his first episode of IVDD and became paralyzed. I wanted something that would be safer for his back and comfortable. Besides the fact that it’s really hard to find a good fitting harness for the doxie shape.


Everyone started complementing his vests and asking where we got them. Then they wanted to know if they could order one. We did a couple of trials and here we are. We are thrilled to be able to provide affordable, comfortable, and fashionable harnesses and fleece for your dachshund.”


My review:

I begged mummy for a while to get me a fleece like Milez’s because he looks so comfortable in them and finally mummy gave in. We asked for Star Wars or Marvel fabric as daddy and me are big fans. Cathy found the most awesome fabric for me and made a Star Wars fleece and a harness. We did however have a special requirement to the harness as I use a front clip harness and not the usual where you clip the lead on the back. But Cathy took up the challenge and came up with an excellent option which works really well.

The fleece is super soft and perfect fit. I love it so much and wear it all the time – when mummy brings it out, I come running to her and put my head through the collar! That’s how much I love it ❤

The harness is not only stylish but also practical and mine even fits my collar and lead. I’m a true Jedi!

If you order from Milez & Mama’s Custom doggy cutables, you will receive quality outfits and the service is personal and efficient. Cathy will find the perfect fabric for your design and Milez inspects all designs and outfits so you are sure to receive the best result. You will not be disappointed when ordering from them!



If you want to own your own Milez inspected outfit, be sure to check out their Facebook page: Milez & Mama’s Custom doggy cutables where you can see lots of designs and fabrics. If you have any questions or wish to order, just send them a private message and they will get back to you. Also on their Facebook page you will find a photo of how to measure your dog so the outfit can be made to fit your dog.

So head on over and give them a like and see their beautiful creations. I bet there’s something for your dog to like too!


That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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