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Lily’s Tall Tails: Bags and boxes

IMG_4318Have you ever wondered why us cats love bags and boxes? Well today I will tell you a few good reasons for this. Us kitties like tight and small spaces because it makes us feel secure! Plus it keeps people and other pets out. We use our whiskers to ensure our body will fit inside whether it’s a box or a bag.

IMG_1984We also love to hide! And boxes and bags are perfect for that! See this photo! I hid in there for a good while before anyone noticed. And when mummy started looking for me, it took her another 10 minutes to find me! She thought I had escaped outside because she couldn’t find me anywhere!

It also gives me a perfect hide out for stalking. I don’t have any mice or rats I can stalk, so it’s mainly Felix I stalk. But I tell you he gets so surprised when I jump out of my box/bag and attack him! It’s truly amusing! Once back in England I had hid in a box and Felix was sniffing it and I surprised him by reaching my paw out and got him right on the nose!

Boxes especially is also very good for chewing and scratching! Mummy got these straw like baskets and they are my absolute favourite! When she isn’t looking I go to them and scratch them. They are just so perfect as a scratching post!

So don’t throw out boxes as we love them. Only throw them out if they can potentially hurt us or we can get stuck in them. Lastly here’s a meme I thought was very funny.


That’s how the kitty biscuit crumbles!


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