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Business of the Month: Fido & Fifi

Some pets love to dress up and others don’t. Just like humans, we are all different. I love to dress up, whether it’s bowties, shirts, bandanas, costumes and even necklaces! Lily on the other hand isn’t a big fan and only rarely wears one of my bowties for a photo.

Often it isn’t easy to find just what you are looking for as you either want it matching your human or you don’t fit the normal sizes. This is where the little businesses are a great place to go such as Fido and Fifi! They make pretty pearls, bowties, hair bows and even cards and treats (treats for locals). Here’s Laura telling us why she started her business and what she sells:

“After working in retail pet management for over 15 years, I would hear the same things over and over from pet parents – ‘We want something different that doesn’t cost a fortune’. If you go to most popular pet stores, they all carry the same items, usually from the same suppliers. It can be very frustrating for pet owners who want to stand out from the crowd, and of the items that was specifically mentioned were pearl dog and cat collars. You can find the strap style collars everywhere, but unless you went to a high end boutiques and paid ridiculously high prices, you couldn’t get what you wanted.


I have been making people jewelry for years, and when I lost my last position in Jan ‘14, I though that now was the time to see if people really wanted what I had to offer. So taking those skills, I started on Etsy with a couple of pearl collars, and some not so great photos. Within 5 days, I had my first sale – something that rarely happens to stores on Etsy.
I only had two color pearls in one size to start – white and cream, but within the month, expanded that to 3 sizes of pearls in 10 colors in sizes from 6 inches to over 22 inches. Added to this, I included crystal, chain maille, fabric, and some other random styles. 

While I do have crystal and chain maille collars available, people are happy with a plain, classic strands of pearls. Who would have guessed that, even with their pets, people wanted their simplistic clean look.

messagepart-11It didn’t take me long to start to get orders from brides. They wanted their dogs to match their own strands of pearls, and I found myself with orders from brides all over the world. 
One of my other items are dog bow ties. I also started selling them for dogs in the wedding party – if it was the groom’s dog, he would want the dog to match the groomsmen’s colors. 

Another line is the little dog hair bows. Cute and fancy, these bows are also hard to find.

Not to be left out, I have a line of greeting cards for the pet lovers. Catty Cards – Animals with Attitude. I’ve taken mine and my friends pets and paired them with funny saying and the rest is laughter from your recipients.

Not available online, but in my great city of Guelph Ontario Canada, I produce some yummymessagepart-9 dog cookies and treats. Made with the best human grade ingredients, sourced as locally as I can. They are produced with no added salt, sugar, or preservatives. Also, on the table, carob and peanut butter cups, which taste just like Reese’s. Everything is made by me in my little apartment kitchen, in small batches to ensure the freshest, highest quality. They are available at the Guelph Farmer’s Market year round, and in select stores in the area.

It’s been a great first year, and I hope it can be a great second one.”

We sure hope Fido & Fifi will have another great year! Be sure to check out their website and social media sites:

Facebook: Fido & Fifi
Twitter:  @fidoandfifi

etsy – www.fidoandfifi.etsy.com

So if you are looking for pearls, hair bows or bowties do make a statement, you now know where to get them! And if you are local be sure to check out the treats too. They sure sounds yummy!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

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