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Business of the Month: Faulkner County S.P.C.A.

This month our Business of the Month is an animal shelter and rescue in Arkansas, USA. They are a dedicated group of citizens committed to to helping animals in Faulkner County. They are the voice for animals in danger, who are being neglected and severely abused. They come to the shelter to be safe and will receive vet care, training and love from their volunteers and hopefully eventually be offered to the public for adoption. Below the director, Lydia Grier, will tell you more about their work.

“Faulkner County S.P.C.A. started as an independent rescue in 2004 with three volunteers and grew to become a 501c3 organization with over a dozen volunteers in 2012. We mainly accept cruelty and neglect cases through law enforcement agencies and veterinarian referrals.

Today Faulkner County S.P.C.A. operates as a specialized rescue focusing on cases of abuse, neglect, and medically challenged dogs, horses, and farm animals. We also accept breeder surrenders at times. Our goal is to offer veterinarian and rehabilitative services to the animals until they are able to find a loving home.

Once an animal is accepted into our program we house them either at our kennels or with our Equine Director. We currently house small animals in our office trailer and larger, healthy dogs in outside kennels. We are raising funds at this time to enclose our kennels and build a new run-in barn to provide more comfortable housing for our long term care animals awaiting forever homes.

We have hundreds of success stories, but here are two special cases that our close to our hearts.

Koda and his friends came to us through law enforcement seizure after a lengthy investigation. Koda’s friends had minor injuries. However, Koda was malnourished and had rain rot and hoof rot. Our volunteers worked with the veterinarians and equine experts to specialize a diet to address all his needs, and avoid stressing his digestive system. With daily care from our volunteers and lots of love, Koda and his friends recovered to find loving homes.


Koda and friends day of seizure 1-16-2013


Koda and friends day of seizure 1-16-2013


Koda today with our Equine Director Chad Small

Lucy, a two year old blue American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the worst abuse and neglect cases we have seen. Lucy and her friends came to us one year after Koda.

Lucy and her companion male Midnight were rescued by law enforcement while checking on a horse neglect case. The owner was already incarcerated, and his animals were left with occasional care by relatives.

Lucy had bilateral damage and bone deterioration to the femoral heads, and pelvic fractures that had healed improperly. She was malnourished, and her upright walking was very wobbly when she was spotted by our volunteer and the deputy. Our first thought was lack of nutrients. To everyone’s surprise at the veterinarian’s office, Lucy was severely injured. The ends of her hip bones were in pieces or nonexistent. Something very heavy hit poor Lucy in order for this to happen. The vet was amazed she was able to walk at all.


Lucy when found 1-15-2014

Lucy required two surgeries to attach rods and pins in her femoral bone to support her hips. She required eight weeks of rehabilitation and recovery after each surgery. Our volunteers and supporters had fundraisers to raise the three thousand dollars needed for her care.


Pre-surgical exam day


March after first surgery

Today, Lucy is healed, healthy and still looking for her forever home.”

It would be a wonderful world, if we didn’t need rescues and animal shelters like Faulkner County S.P.C.A. but we do and we have to be grateful for them and the volunteers who work hard to help animals in danger and give them a voice. Head over to their Facebook page Faulkner County S.P.C.A. and donate, volunteer or share to spread the words of their great work.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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