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Lily’s Tall Tails: All About Lily


8 weeks old!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought that I would in this weekly post tell you a little about myself and how I ended up being a blogster!

Almost 4 years ago mummy’s manager announced that his cat was having kittens and daddy got all excited as he loves cats! It was decided that they would take one of the kittens when they were ready for their new home. The family lived on the same estate as mummy and daddy so they already knew my mummy Bella. On April 23rd 2011 they got a text that Bella was having the kittens. Daddy went over to check after a few hours and she had already had 2 kittens. Bella was very tired towards the end and the last kitten needed some help so daddy stepped in and helped deliver the last kitten.

When my siblings and I were around 4 weeks, mummy and daddy could decide which kitten they wanted. There was an all black, a ginger, two tabby short haired and a little fluff ball. The two tabby kittens were very bouncy and all over the place and mummy was looking a lot at them until she saw a kitten by itself. It was the little fluff ball – later to be known as me: Lily 🙂 I was very shy and was by myself so mummy decided then that I was going to live with them when I was old enough.


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I was slowly introduced to Felix and boy was he not sure what to think about me! He sniffed and sniffed me and we were only allowed a couple of minutes together each time while mummy and daddy kept a close eye on us. In the house in England, I took over the downstairs washroom because it was rather big and I would be able to rest in there without Felix trying to work out if I was a treat or a new toy!

It didn’t take long before we found out that we both had to live together so we might as well get on. Soon we played with each other’s toys, I chased Felix’s tail, we would chase bugs in the garden and I would tell him off when I had enough. I had to teach him early on who was boss right?!


Everything is going to be okay!

When Felix had to have surgery, I took care of him afterwards. Told him that everything would be okay. Checking in on him to make sure he was okay. His cone was so big, he couldn’t see anything to the side and I must admit I took a little advantage of that too. Best way to attack him from the back because he couldn’t see me coming MOL! I did also entertain him because I have heard laughter is the best medicine!


Entertaining Felix!


#ZombieSquad pre-meeting!

In 2012 Felix joined the #ZombieSquad and I followed shortly after – if you don’t know what the #ZombieSquad is check out this article. I was soon promoted to secretary for Biscuit who’s the Lt. General and 2nd in Command of the #ZombieSquad! I now make sure the office is always looking good and that we got enough supplies in for any future attacks. Oh and that we always have snacks in too, very important task!


Just chilling!

I soon grew into a very big cat! I’m not fat but I’m very fluffy! I’m not a Maine Coon nor a Norwegian Forrest Cat though many think so when they see me. This photo actually won me a spot in an UK TV advert! We were so excited! If you look closely you will be able to spot me in the below video – if you need help I’m around 20seconds in.


Now living in Canada I’m helping Felix with The Doxie Press. I was mostly in the background but after proving my worth, he’s now allowed me to have my weekly post “Lily’s Tall Tails” which I enjoy writing. I’m also helping mummy sew though she says I’m not much help because I keep stealing the tape measure! How dare she?!

Alright I better end for today as we still got lots to do. I hope you enjoy my little life story and stay tuned until next week.

That’s how the kitty biscuit crumbles!


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