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Lily’s Tall Tails: Prepare for cat-astrophe!

IMG_6160I oversaw mummy chat with a friend the other day and they were talking about earthquakes and whether animals can detect one before it happens. It happened just shortly after an earthquake off Vancouver Island which was the 5th one in 3 weeks. Mummy’s friends asked if I had acted weird beforehand and mummy had the nerve to say I always do!! Can you believe it?! But it got me thinking whether animals can detect an earthquake before it happens! So I did some research.

The Internet says that there’s still further studies needed to determine whether cats are able to detect an earthquake. According to the Animal Planet there are theories that cats might detect the vibrations that occur before an earthquake, also known as primary waves. Cats might start exhibiting odd behaviour seconds, minutes or even weeks before an earthquake hits. It’s part of a cats instinct and is known as fear-driven behaviour.

So mummy mentioned that I act odd but it’s because I’m like a wild cat – I have only become domesticated because I felt that mummy and daddy needed a companion and most importantly Felix needed someone to put him in place! I like my own space and not a fan of cuddles. I’m a ninja kitty who loves to train and fight zombies so that’s my normal so in our case, mummy would have to notice if I acted odd from my normal behaviour. So maybe if I suddenly wanted to be close to them, wanted more cuddles something might be up! But remember there are still a lot more studying to be done to be sure this is right so any odd behaviour or more correctly; behaviour out of the ordinary of your cat, could also mean, he/she is ill and it’s worth getting a vet to check him/her over.

So what can you do to prepare for an earthquake? You need to create a plan and an emergency kit!

Things to consider for your plan:

  • Safe exits from your home
  • Meeting place to reunite with your family
  • A designated person to pick up your children/furry children
  • Names and numbers of people to be contacted
  • A place for your pet to stay, if not allowed from hotels and shelters (mummy said she won’t stay if we aren’t allowed MOL)

Emergency kit:

  • Flashlights, batteries and first aid kit
  • A three-day supply of bottled water and non=perishable food for each person and pet
  • Personal hygiene supplies, medications, eyeglasses, blankets and bed linens
  • Cash, extra keys for car and home, photocopies of legal and personal documents, including your insurance policy.

We also have earthquake cover on our insurance policy because we live in an area proven to earthquakes. So in case we would need to stay somewhere else, our insurance will help with the extra costs.

So what do you think? Can animals detect earthquakes? We would love to hear your views and own experiences. Post them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Source: http://pets.thenest.com/cats-react-before-earthquake-10017.html

Disclaimer: I’m just a cat living the dream so the above is merely my point of view based on my experience and searching on the internet. If your cat behaves out of character, please refer to your vet.

That’s how the kitty biscuit crumbles!


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