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Lily’s Tall Tails: Litter box problems and hypnosis!

IMG_4612Welcome to my first post of Lily’s Tall Tails! This will be my opportunity to let you all know what’s going on in the world from my perspective. I will be sharing videos, funny and probably sometimes sad stories too from what has happened through the last week.

We all know that cats rules the house and whoever lives there. No questions asked. Mummy finally got Felix’s basket out so I now have a proper place to snooze. It might be a dog basket originally but no more. It’s all mine! If Felix goes lie in it, I make sure he doesn’t get too comfortable and politely ask him to leave (with a gentle swipe of my paw!) After a few times he got it and now I just have to look at him and he quickly leaves the basket! Here’s a link to some photos where other cats show who’s the boss!

Some might call me picky and high maintenance but a cat got to have some standards! Today I will be talking about litter boxes! It’s a bit like when the humans say, you can never have too many shoes, handbags etc. Well a cat can never have too many litter boxes! Depending on how big a house you got and obviously how many cats you got, you will need more than one litter box in the house. Some cats do not like to do their business in the same place as other cats so bear that in mind too. We live in a very small house so I got just one litter box. It gets emptied out 1-2 times day and cleaned out throughly once a week. If it isn’t clean, I ain’t going in there! I show the humans that by peeing on their bed!

On a serious note, if your cat pees outside the litter box, it can be for various reasons and it’s worth getting looked into. It could be something as simple as it isn’t clean, several cats use it but it can also be a medical problem or a behavioural issue so you would need to see a vet to make sure your cat is okay. I found a good article about litter box problems which is worth checking out, should your cat have any issues. You can find it here.

The coming week I will be practising my hypnosis skills as I have seen in the below video that it can be very useful when living with a dog.

Disclaimer: I’m just a cat living the dream so the above is merely my point of view based on my experience. If your cat have any issues with urinating outside the box etc., please refer to your vet or a behavioural expert.

That’s how the kitty biscuit crumbles!


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