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Business of the Month: Good Dog Graphics

We hope everyone enjoyed their New Year’s Eve celebrations and had a safe night! We are back with our feature Business of the Month today and will be introducing a very talented artist. She makes beautiful custom designs such as pet portraits and logos. You might already have met her dogs over at Grimsley and family as we interviewed them earlier last year – check it out here.

Here’s Tori’s story about how she started her business and what she does:

marsha“Good Dog Graphics kicked off in August of 2013 after being pestered by a friend who saw similar work and knew I could do the same. The page started the way any page does: slow. GDG is primarily a Facebook based business and has been from the start. It has been an uphill battle, especially with all the changes Facebook has made to prevent pages from growing without paying them for advertising. In the beginning GDG started out in reptiles. Yes, reptiles. While the first portraits were of dogs, the main business I got was from Ball Python owners.

houndBusiness was slow and stopped altogether until suddenly one of my dogs developed a mystery health condition with his ear and I desperately needed funds to pay for the hefty vet bills he was racking up. After a 5 week stay at the vet, having his ear stitched up 3-4 times, cauterized and stapled, they finally diagnosed him with Vasculitis and started him on new treatment. His Vaculitis started up on Sept 9, 2013 and it wasn’t until March 2014 that the inch long wound on his ear healed completely. Vasculitis presents in different ways and for Grimsley its mainly his ears (though he did lose half of one his paw pads too it at one point).  The condition causes the tissue to die and fall off and there is no cure, and with Grim we still have no idea what causes it. By April 2014 his other ear started up with the condition but thankfully we knew what to do this time and within a month had it healed up.

bullseyeThings took off from there and the outpouring of support to help with Grimsley’s vet bills floored me!  Over the course of 9 months his vet bills came close to hitting $2,000 but with the support of other animal lovers I was able to keep his bills paid up.  

Good Dog Graphics has continued to grow since then and now proudly offers various options at various price points and can truly fit ANY budget. In 2013 I completed roughly 85 works total but 2014 has been truly impressive with OVER 300 works completed not including logos and shirt designs.

So what exactly do I do? Custom pet portraits in several styles as well as logo and shirt designs. I am always trying new things and working to improve my art and have come a long way. I am passionate about what I do and love getting to draw so many wonderfully unique pets. No two are alike.

catThe style I started with is now known as Basic, a thickly lined style with lower detail and available in any size. Basic pricing starts at $30. The result of Basic is a colorful portrait with a slightly cartoon-y look to it.

Deluxe has become my most popular style. The look is much more realistic with less/no lines and full detail. Very photo realistic. Deluxe pricing starts at $45.

Newer styles are Faux Watercolor and Caricature. Faux Watercolor is lined like a deluxe with the color added in a messy watercolor fashion. Caricatures are only available in smaller sizes and offer a full body cartoon-like look with hard shading to give it a more exaggerated look. Faux Watercolor starts at $30 and Caricatures start at $8.

I also offer logo and t-shirt designs which start at $30 and can vary greatly in price based on the level of detail that does into them.”

If you are looking for a portrait of your pet, you can contact Tori through her Facebook page: Good Dog Graphics – here you can also see all the beautiful pieces she has done over the years. We will be sharing her work throughout this month and we are sure you will love her work.  Ordering from Good Dog Graphics will leave you with a beautiful portrait showing your pet’s personality.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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