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Happy New Year!

Wow what a year it has been! In January we will be celebrating our 1st blog-anniversary and it’s also a year since The Doxie Press joined Facebook! We have done 50 blog posts this year and we hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures as well as our interviews. We sure have had lots of fun and found some great friends in the process.

Here are some of the highlights from 2014:


1) Both Lily and I changed our diet to raw food earlier this year and we have learnt so much. Well mummy mostly! We just eat it all up! We are both loving the food and the bones. Lily’s coat is looking even prettier than before and I’m finally getting my shiny coat back! Still a bit of adjustments for me but it’s definitely been the right decision for us.

2) Lots of interviews done this year too! From dogs to bears, we cover them all. We are proud of everyone of them but I felt very honoured to be able to interview Crusoe the Celebrity Dog. Check it out here.

IMG_01873) I entered my first wiener race! Someone had not explained the rules properly to me so I didn’t win! We will be trying out again next year and hoping for a cooler day because there were a lot of hot dogs on the track that day! Read the whole post here.

4) We shared 8 different businesses/charities/rescues throughout 2014! Anything from cards to cross border rescues! We have learned so much and love sharing these businesses with you all. It’s great way for them to get some exposure and we hope you are enjoying them.

Poster5) Earlier this year I helped my friend Milez host The Bachelor Doxie Edition where he was looking for the one! It was a great time and one of the bachelorettes ended up as my girlfriend! From that I decided to host my own show and “The Pawtastic Race” was created! We sent teams around the world to complete various tasks and in the end Blue was crowned the winner of race!

FullSizeRender-26) I celebrated my 6th birthday with a trip to the park for a doxie meet up. Celebrating my day with 30 doxies sure is special! We also went to the dog bakery where I could choose my own treat! What a great day! Check out the full story here.

7) We also won some great competitions! Poop bags for a year plus other goodies from Earth Rated, a subscription to Feline Wellness Magazine, Amazon vouchers, lots of goodies from Trupanion (our pet insurance) and our Facebook page was featured in American Dog Magazine!

What’s up next?

We have put our heads together and come up with a few new ideas for 2015 and we are excited to share it with you through 2015 but a little spoiler. We will continue with our Business of the Month and we already got some great ones lined up. First one starting tomorrow and there will be a great mix of businesses and rescues throughout the year. We love this section of our blog as we love helping out others and sharing their great work and whether it’s a local business/rescue or one abroad, we do hope you all love being introduced to new businesses/rescues.

Lily will finally be doing some work too. She will start her weekly post on Friday and it’s called Lily’s Tall Tails. I have told her we need more than just photos of her sleeping and eating! So it will be exciting to see what she comes up with to share with you all.

We are hoping we will be able to head down to the States during next year too! It will be mummy’s and my first trip across the border as they say here! I got my passport ready but just need some driving lessons first! Yes yes not actually driving the car but getting used to be a passenger in the car! I might be long but I can’t reach the pedal AND see out the window. Don’t be silly now!

With this we want to wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope 2015 will bring you lots of new adventures! Thank you for following us! Much love to you all!


That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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