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Happy Birthday to ME!

I sure am one lucky doxie! I knew mummy had some stuff up her sleeve – not literally but some surprises for me for my birthday! But I would never have guessed that I was doing so much!

I had a lie in and enjoyed the warmth under the duvet before it was time for my morning patrol. Just because it’s my birthday, I can’t just ignore my job. It’s important to still protect the world against zombies. Luckily the streets were deserted and I could leave Lily in charge the rest of the day.


Earlier in the week I had received a parcel but mummy said I wasn’t allowed to open it before my birthday. I knew it was from my girlfriend Punkin and her family so I was very excited. I got a lovely new bow tie, some yummy duck treats and a squeaky duck! She sure knows I love ducks!

I had a snooze before mummy and I started our little expedition. We were heading to Trout Lake which we used to live just 2 minutes from but now we have to take 2 busses to get there! So mummy had packed a bag and brought my carrier bag so I was allowed to go on the bus. It was very crowded but luckily it’s two shortish rides so we were soon at the park.

FullSizeRender-3Here we met up with a dachshund group and it was lovely weather so we were about 25 dachshunds with their owners. I was a little hesitant at first because I don’t like big crowds too much but mummy convinced me to join the group and soon I was saying hello to everyone. Daddy joined us shortly after and we all went for a walk around the park and finished up in the off leash area where we jumped around in the leaves. And I met another Felix!! That is a first! He was very nice and we showed each other some tricks and sat nicely for our photos to be taken.

IMG_5692We said our goodbyes and took a walk to catch another bus. We were now heading to the dog bakery! Mummy had called beforehand to make sure they do cakes without wheat. We have never been to this store before and mummy now regrets not checking it out sooner! Besides treats and cakes, they also sell lovely coats, jumpers and toys. The lady complimented my colourings before she helped mummy choose out a couple of treats. I got a “Woofie Pie” and a “Lickety Split” – I was very excited and couldn’t wait for dessert time!

IMG_5689When we got home, I had my dinner and tried out my desserts! They tasted so good! I was allowed half of it and the rest have been saved for tonight. My little legs were tired and I could hardly keep my eyes open at this time, so I cuddled up on the couch and had a nap with my new Mr. Ducki.

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter – I feel very loved and grateful to have so many lovely friends around the world.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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