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Business of the Month: Thank DOG I Am Out

Welcome to November! We love bringing you a new Business of the Month and we hope you will welcome the next one with open paws! This is a local rescue but their work doesn’t just impact people and dogs here in BC, Canada but also dogs in the US! In October they had an amazing rescue, the biggest to date, but I will let the founder Susan tell you more about it and how she started the rescue.


Thank DOG I Am Out dog rescue based out of Vancouver, BC became the rescue responsible for the largest CROSS BORDER (USA to Canada) dog rescue to date on October 4th, 2014.

Over 140 dogs were pulled out of several high kill shelters in Southern California and placed into various foster homes around Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA where they were spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and assessed for great behavior…. ALL of these dogs were rescued based on their status at these shelters… all the dogs rescued were slated for imminent euthanization ….simply because their shelters were so over crowded… these dogs would have all been killed. Thousands of adoptable dogs, just like this group, are killed every day because the Americans seem to lack the education, or fail to see the necessity to spay, neuter and STOP the breeding… The sheer numbers of dogs being surrendered into these shelters in many of the States can reach up to 200 dogs a day… the only recourse they have is to kill…

Beach3TDIAO started in 2009 when its founder, (me) Susan Patterson, was looking for a medium or even a small dog. I looked in all of the local shelters for weeks but had no luck. Once trolling on the internet I kept hitting links that pulled me to rescue organizations in the USA. Then, “the “ picture that started it all… little HOMER…

An abused, disabled, Chihuahua mix…. Just pulled off death row by a small rescue group in Washington state… I drove for 5 hours on a long weekend to claim my new FURbaby…. Actually, today I truly believe he claimed me…

After speaking to the girl who had the small rescue, and researching the situation in the USA, in particular California, I decided to make a physical difference.

After many mistakes, I learned the ropes and began to bring wonderful dogs from California and personally place them into fantastic homes in BC (You have to admit, British Columbians are KNOWN for their compassion for animals)… Once all of my friends had a rescue I had to reach out into the public.

Word spread quickly that these TDIAO dogs were SO amazingly perfect… who would kill this dog? I have been asked that EVERY SINGLE TIME… but that’s what drives me… so many great great dogs… dying

The very established non for profit group WINGS of RESCUE approached me and together we thought we would try to save as many as we could… all at once !!!

We had our sights set on 100, by event day it was just shy of 150 dogs. We, TDIAO, had been able to complete 130 home checks, we had people applying on line, then off we went into their homes to verify they were who their applications said they were, to verify their homes were dog safe, and to say a BIG “Hello” and thanks… for TDIAO, what is most important is the dog… and so if we meet ALL of the adopters we can go to sleep at night and know… our dogs are safe and loved… (We took 20 into our foster program)
We will continue to rescue these dogs, and plan on another “Flight for Life”, 150 dogs next September 2015.

Meanwhile,  follow our website www.thankdogiamout.com, Facebook page or Instagram (@ThankDogIAmOut) to see when our next run of dogs will be. We will continue to rescue and place smaller runs of dogs over the course of 2015… our first run will probably be Feb 2015. We are hoping to post RESCUE ARRIVAL dates so people can fill out the application (download it off our website), get pre approved and be all ready for the day of their new dog will arrive.

Thank DOG I Am Out aspires to have rescued and adopted out 400 dogs between September 2014 and September 2015 … join us!


Homer, the dog who started it all!

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and also check out Wings of Rescue who’s also doing amazing work! We look forward to sharing the work of Thank DOG I Am Out throughout the month and show you more from the the big rescue in October. We have already seen lots of happy photos of the dogs in their new home so be ready for ooh and awws!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles! 


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