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The Pawtastic Race: The final!

Wow what a race it has been! We sure hope you all have been loving it as much as we have! I know it was hard to imagine how this race would pan out but we have been impressed with the time, photos and knowledge from the teams.

The final had 3 teams in it:

  1. Bronco Quties
  2. Go Blue
  3. Da Biker Dudes

We had decided to turn it up a notch for the final and really challenge the 3 remaining teams! We sent them to my home country: DENMARK! This time they only got a photo of the places they were heading. It was up to them to figure out what building/sight/person we were looking for and tell us the location plus answer a question.


Team 9: Peek A Boo!

The first stop was “Den tilsandede kirke” (The sandburied church) – in Denmark we have a lot of white churches with red roofs so this was a little difficult for some teams. The significance for this church is that it got buried in sand so only the tower is visible today.

This attraction can be found in the northern part of Jutland just outside Skagen which is the most northerly point of Denmark.

When did this church close for the public and why? It closed in 1795 because it kept being covered in the sand from the sand dunes.


Team 8: Blue loved this place

The next stop was Rundetaarn (The Round Tower) located in Copenhagen. This building is from the 17th century and was built as an astronomical observatory.

Who built this building? Christian IV

We stayed in Copenhagen for our next stop: Den Lilly Havfrue (The Little Mermaid). The fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”  was written by H.C. Andersen and the art lover and brewer Carl Jackobsen (Carlsberg) asked the sculptor E.E. to create a statue based on the fairy tale.


Team 8: Blue does not like the water. Good thing a nice fisherman took him out to the rock.

This statue was a gift from whom? Carl Jacobsen donated the statue to the city of Copenhagen in 1913.


H.C. Andersen

We headed back to Jutland where the next two photos were taken. The first one was off the Danish author H.C. Andersen who was born in Odense in 1805.

Name 3 of his famous fairy tales? The Little Mermaid, The Brave Tin Soldier and The Snow Queen. See a full list here.

We stayed in Legoland for our next stop and this is one of mummy’s favourite places to visit when she’s in Denmark. She loves walking around Miniland and looking at the many buildings from around the world. Legoland is located outside Billund near the airport and next to the Lego factory.

How many bricks have been used to to create all the models in Legoland? Over 60 million!


Team 4: Bronco looooved this!

In Aarhus we can find “Den Gamle By” (The Old Town) which is an open-air museum. It was founded in 1909 as the world’s first open-air museum of urban history and culture. Houses from all over Denmark has been brought to this place to represent how it might have looked back in the days of H.C. Andersen with streets, shops, yards, homes and workshops.

How many historic houses can you find here? 75 houses



We were almost at the end of the race with only 2 stops left. The next one proved to be a little difficult for some of the teams but in the end they all pulled through. We were looking for “Himmelbjerget” which we in Denmark call a mountain despite it only being 147m high! It’s located near Silkeborg.

This was the highest point in Denmark until which year? 1847

The last stop was at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen where the royal family live during the winter months. The Royal Life Guard stand watch at Amalienborg and the other palaces and castles.

When does The Royal Life Guard have their change of watch ceremony? Daily at noon


Willie is being silly and photobombed Blues Picture!

All teams have completed all the challenges for the final and we were quite impressed with their knowledge about Denmark. It is now time to reveal the first ever winner of The Pawtastic Race! Drum roll please!!

Congratulations to Team Go Blue!! You are the winner of The Pawtastic Race! 


Throughout the race we have seen you develop and continue to learn and take up the challenges with a tough paw!

We want to thank all the teams for making this contest a fun and learning experience. We hope you all had fun and remember you are all winners in our hearts!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles! 


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