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The Pawtastic Race: 4th leg

The remaining teams were in for a long flight headed for the next destination: Sydney, Australia! They were in for another adventure as they were headed to some of the main sights of the city. Blue from Team 8 quickly found a new friend which also provided for a hopping transport between the challenges!


Team 8: Blue with his new friend Chris!


Team 11: Team Weens heading for the top of the bridge.

The first stop was Sydney Harbour Bridge where the teams had to do the Bridge Climb! It’s scary if you aren’t good with heights but it provides you with a spectacular view of Sydney. I think most of the teams enjoyed the view except Team 3 (Team Gokki) – Gogo is 11 y/o so unless there was a squirrel up on the bridge, she wasn’t going anywhere near the top! Be sure to also check out Team 9’s video from their adventure on the trip!

In the evening I had invited everyone to the Opera House for a nice meal out. It was time to relax and also get to know each other a little more. Blue even went to help out in the kitchen! Willie and Penny sure hoped he hadn’t gone to prepare some Cuy!


Team 8: Blue decided to help out in the kitchen while he waited for the other teams to show up.

It was such a lovely evening and we enjoyed the company of the remaining 6 teams and it might have gotten a little late for some! No surprise a few teams were a little late reaching Bondi Beach the next morning for their next challenge – hehe! It was fun to see the teams compete on the waves! They all did very well despite them falling off several times. Again be sure to check out the videos on our Facebook page too. Willie and Penny posted a very cool one from Bondi Beach.


Team 11: Team Weens hitting the waves!


Team 8: Blue trying to scare his contestants while they surf

The last challenge was another quiz as it’s important to also learn something while traveling the world for these challenges.


  1. Who designed the Opera House?
  2. What is The Harbour Bridge known as by the locals?
  3. What’s the oldest house in Sydney?
  4. What’s the main language spoken in Sydney?
  5. When did Sydney officially become a city?


  1. Jørn Utzon
  2. The Coat Hanger
  3. Cadman’s Cottage
  4. English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek and Vietnamese
  5. 1842

This time we are eliminating one team who won’t go through to the next round. We are saying goodbye to Team no 1: Team Cowbelle. Thanks for taking part! We hope you had fun!

Now to this leg’s spot prize:

Way to go Team Go Blue! You have earned this leg’s spot prize with your choice of alternative transport!


Team 8: Blue and his alternative transport

We hope the remaining 5 teams are ready for the 5th leg of The Pawtastic race which is also the semi-finale! Two teams will be eliminated next and the rest will continue to the finale.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

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