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The Pawtastic Race: 3rd leg

After a busy few days in New York City we sent the teams to a more peaceful place: Peru! It didn’t mean an easy challenge because they were in for a great work out as we sent them to the Inca Trail for a treasure hunt! They had to find 5 posts along the trail and complete the challenges on each post. Team 1: “Cowbelle” must have taken the jet to Peru because they got there in no time! They were very eager to get started on the treasure hunt so we sent them on their way. Team 8: “Go Blue” followed shortly after.


Team 8: Blue getting the clothes ready for the cold nights in the mountains

Both teams prepared well and got some warm clothes for the trek as it can get cold in the mountain, especially during the night. So very clever of both teams.

Post1The first post was found at Wayllabamba and called “We dare you!” We had prepared two Peruvian dishes for the teams: Rocoto Relleno which is very spicy and Cuy which is fried guinea pig! We gave extra points to teams who dared to try out both dishes! We received some interesting photos from the team daring each other on who should try which dish!


Team 4: Bronco Quties


Team 11: Team Weens


Team 8: Blue trying out the Rocoto Relleno

Post2Post 2 was found at the Dead Woman’s Pass (Warmiwanusca) and here the team had to perform the traditional dance called Chujchu/Chukchu which is a “a comical dance in which the dancers represent labourers who, during the Colonial era, went to the tropical valleys and jungle regions to find work on the sugar plantations and returned with malaria and yellow fever!! The dancers often fall to the ground in violent convulsions and are “treated” by doctors and nurses who carry various medical instruments such as giant syringes and irrigators! The figure of death is not faraway.” 

Once again the teams were being creative and provided us with some fun photos from the challenge. You can also see a few videos on our Facebook page.


Team 1


Team 8

Post3Post 3 was found at Phuyupatamarca and between here and The Sun Gate the teams would have to find 4 Peruvian handcrafts: torito de Pucará, Cuzco Pottery, Huamanga Stone Carvings and a coin purse. It was time to prove how good their sniffing skills really are!


Team 4: oh wow! is he lickin’ hims nosebob?


Team 9: Mommie says that when we are in different cultures we will sometimes see things there that are not acceptable here… where we live… like DIS… I not sure about this Huamanga Stone Carving, but like they say.. “when in Rome…..” Tee Hee….


Team: 9: Sammie found this wonder mug. It is a special kind of handcraft called Cuzco Pottery. She is so small, she fits right inside.. PEEK A BOO!


Team 8: Blue found the pottery and he was disappointed there was no food in each

Post 4 we had decided that the teams should be in for a treat and an easy challenge so when they reached The Sun Gate, they handed over their treasure findings and had time to enjoy the sights and in the morning, they could enjoy the lovely sunrise.


Team 9: Willie and Penny woke up early this morning to catch Sunrise from the window of where they were staying.. it is breathtaking!

The last post the teams found at Machu Picchu and was a little quiz for them to answer:


  1. What does Machu Picchu means?
  2. Why does many porters sleep with a shiny metal object when they are on the trail?
  3. When did Machu Picchu become an UNESCO World Heritage Site?
  4. Which building technique was The Incas experts in?


  1. Old Peak/Old Mountain
  2. They believe it sends away spirits coming up through the earth and whisking them away.
  3. 1983
  4. Ashlar in which blocks of stone are cut so precisely as to fit together tightly without mortar.

Well done to Team 3: Team Gokki and Team 4: Bronco Quties for getting all questions correct!

This time we are eliminating not one team but 4 teams who won’t go through to the next round. We are saying goodbye to Team no 5: Grimsley & Ender, Team 6: Lillimomers, Team 7: Doxie Trio and Team 10: Spoiled Dachshunds!. Thanks for taking part! We hope you had fun!

Now to this leg’s spot prize:

Well done Moosey! Your extensive knowledge of having the right gear for hiking in the Andes and knowing about the tea which you will be offered to prevent altitude sickness.


Team 1: At the market getting clothes for the cold mountains!

 We hope the remaining 6 teams are ready for the 4th leg of The Pawtastic race.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!

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