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The Pawtastic Race: 1st leg

We recruited 11 teams for The Pawtastic Race and they are all bringing various strengths to the race and a few fears too. Below you can see our teams and here you can read more about them, their strengths and fears.


Team 1: Team Cowbelle Diann & Moosey from Wetumpka, Alabama!


Team 2: Team O Prince, Heidi and RuRu from Ontario, Canada!


Team 3: Team Gokki (which is a combination of Gogo and Nikki, but also a variation on one of Gogo’s nicknames, Goguee) Gogo & Nikki from Ottawa, Ontario!


Team 4: Bronco Quties Qutie and Bronco from Louisville(ish) KY


Team 5: Grimsley and Ender from the US!


Team 6: Lillimomers!! Melinda & Lil Ms Lilli from St. Louis, Missouri!


Team 7: Doxie Trio Rhino, Izzy & Little Bella from Ohio!


Team 8: Go Blue! Blue and mummy Linda from Ontario, Canada!


Team 9: Da Biker Dudes Penny Ghee & Willie Dukes from North Port Florida!


Team 10: Spoiled Dachshunds. Frankie and Zoey from Ontario Canada!


Team 11: Team Weens. Frank N Weens from Alberta, Canada!

The day had finally arrived! It was time to start The Pawtastic Race! The teams will be in for a lot of challenges which may or may not cause them to face their fears! The race is not about finishing first or in this case to post first; it’s about mainly to have fun but also about being creative when completing the challenges.

Check out our new plane!

We met up at the Waterfront in Vancouver, Canada where my lovely assistant Punkin was waiting for them. Each team was here presented with the challenges for the 1st leg. They were sent to Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre where Lily and I were waiting with our two float planes. We would be flying one team at the time to Whistler where their 1st challenge waited.

1st chalenge

1st challenge: Find 3 squeaky toys at Blackcomb Mountain

Everyone handled the flight very well… well more or less. Bronco seemed to not be feeling too well so it was a good thing Punkin had made sure we have extra bags on board!

When the teams landed in Whistler, they were told to head to the top of Blackcomb Mountain where we had hidden 33 squeaky toys. Each team had to find 3 and bring them back to me and Lily at the planes. This was their first challenge and we received some interesting photos from it.



Team 5: Ender was the first one on his team to find one of the toys! He’s got great potential.


Team 9: Willie Dukes found a HUGE squeeke when he and Penny were checking out the BBQ going on at the top of the Mountain!


Team 8: Blue found the third squeaky toy. A duck in the lake.

2nd challenge

2nd challenge: Show us your best trick!

After the 1st challenge the teams were flown back to Vancouver and told to head to Stanley Park. Here they had to find the Mermaid in the Wetsuit and here perform their best trick. Here’s a few of the photos of some of the tricks but be sure to check out the posts and videos on Facebook too.


Team 7: The Doxie Trio – even the simplest tricks requires patience


Team 1: Moosey is very talented doing a head stand on the Mermaid!

Thank you to all the teams who posted and took part in the 1st leg of the race. This was a non-elimination leg so everyone is through to the 2nd leg. But be sure to post within 48hours after we post the challenges, else your team will be eliminated. The info for the next leg will be posted later today so stay tuned!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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