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Interview with Zeek & Jessica

A lot of you know our feelings about pets on craigslist and the reason we share them is because we want them to end up in a loving home. It’s so easy for them to end up in a bad home or get bought to fight etc. Today we have a story for you of one of these craigslist puppies who has fortunately ended up in a loving home. We love sharing these stories with you and we hope you will like the story about Zeek.

Tell us about how you ended up in your forever home?
My Mommy found me on Craigslist (of all places!) I was originally named “Oscar” and was very playful and nice. Mommy told me it was because my previous owner said that I was hard to train, and that I would chewed up his good shoes and anything else I could get my paws on, that I had to leave my old family of two kids, a husband and wife. When I went to go live with Mommy Jessica she was patient and gave me more love than my old family did. With lots of patience from Mommy, I learned 6 tricks in a little over 2 days!




Here is Me trying to (nicely) share the bed with Oden. Oden was not amused.

Tell us about your family? 
My family has changed since Mommy took me home in July 2012.  When I came home with her, I was introduced to the rest of the family: two cats and my Mommy’s Fiance. Gizmo the cat became my best friend and we would play in the apartment since there were no other dogs in my neighborhood to play with.  The second cat, Oden would steal my bed.

After my Parents broke up I went through a custody battle and Mommy finally brought me back to live with her, and now I have a huge family with my Mom, her boyfriend, 5 Lizards, 2 rats and a fish!


1274516_10151682989289482_387372635_oHow did you get your name?
When Mommy picked me up to bring me home in 2010, I remember Mom thinking for about 4 days on what to name me. Mommy said she wanted to give me a fresh new start, and so she wanted to give me a new name.  I would hover next to Mom eyeballing the computer on sites such as BabyNames.com, and other google searches. I remember hearing her call me “Basil”, “Toby”, “Rascal”, and “Buddy”; trying on names to see what fit. One day I remember Mommy saying “Zeek”, and it stuck. She kept calling me Zeek and Zeeky and giving me chicken pieces when I would walk over to her, coming to the name “Zeek” instead of Oscar. Thanks to that, I am now obsessed with the taste of Chicken!!!

Describe yourself with 3 words.

If you were to see me when Mommy picked me up and then compare it to today, you’d see I am a completely different Dog!  I used to be shy, timid and scared, as that’s how I came home from my old owners, who Mommy suspects didn’t treat me very well at all!  Now I would easily say, Spunky, Playful and Awesome!

10672221_10152449335854482_8737106734926014326_nWhat’s your favourite toy?
I have a toy box that Mommy made me, and since she works at Petsmart (oh, I love that place!) she brings me home lots of toys.  I feel sorry for my Mommy sometimes, because she brings me home all these awesome toys and treats, and all I want to play with is my Foxie.

What’s your favourite food?
Mommy has me on a diet of Chicken and Brown Rice, and puts real chicken, carrots and rice in with the dry food so I will eat it. I don’t like crunchy food. Never have. It’s a texture thing, I think.

 But when Mommy and Daddy grab some string cheese from the fridge, I can’t resist!  I could live on cheese for the rest of my life!  Oh I love you cheese!!!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
I haven’t made many mistakes in my life. I am a pretty chill canine, after all, and just hang with Mom and Dad. But one thing I hate, and actually get very upset with is when they leave me home alone. Mom used to put a baby gate up in the kitchen, and leave me there when she would have to go run errands to get my food, and treats. One time I thought they were never going to come home and ended up clawing up the carpet at the threshold of the kitchen where the carpet meets the linoleum (I also went potty in the kitchen)  Mom was pretty upset with me and I ended up with a bath, and sleeping on the floor that night. Needless to say, I am not allowed in the kitchen (with exception of mealtime) and I have “kennel time” for when Mommy needs to leave the house and can’t bring me. At least my pal Foxy is with me.

il_570xN.560454421_i42rSo your mummy makes dog collars, how did she get started? 
The dog collar thing, I have to say, is pretty cool… and Mommy does say that I was her inspiration. I like hearing that. When I came to live with my Mom she was pretty sick. She had anxiety and stomach aches a lot and said her doctor told her she needed a hobby because she worked too hard, and didn’t have fun enough.

679853_10151159829889482_491073104_oI helped her as best as I could, and made her feel better when she was down, but when she started making dog collars for fun she got better, and I got to be the fashion statement of the neighborhood!  Mom makes all sorts of collars, and they are really neat!

970544_10151723670774482_709125646_nAnything else you wish to add?
Thank you Felix and friends for checking out my story. My life is a comfortable one, and I have a lot of fun here with my Mom.  Mom says that she wants to share one last photo with you, as its her favorite!

This is us doing a fundraiser for a local event known as the Bidwell Bark, to help raise money for our local Humane Society. We won the costume contest last year for “Best Costume Duo” – Mom made me a Hotdog and she was the Hotdog Vendor. We will be returning this year for the costume contest, as well as, selling the collars Mom makes at our own vendor booth!  For the event we are donating 25% to the local Butte Humane Society, as well as an additional $100 from our team to help the cause!
If you would like to purchase a collar online to help the event, 25% of the total purchase will be taken out and donated to help keep the Humane Society open, as well as, help pay for spay and neuter services, food, and basic operations of the shelter. Check out Mom’s website and store, and help us help our furry friends, like me!

Check out the Website:  http://www.thegeekydog.com/
Check out the store:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/thegeekydog


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