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The Pawtastic Race with The Doxie Press

Are you ready for a big adventure!?

We have been following The Amazing Race Canada for the last 10 weeks and we loved seeing them travel the world and do all the the different challenges. I decided to have a meeting with my creative director to see how we could do something similar and at the same time have a little competition. We have come up with a great idea and we hope we will get lots to take part. So pack your bags, find a partner and get ready for the first leg on Thursday where we will start “The Pawtastic Race” in Vancouver, Canada!

PosterWe do have a few rules as listed below:

  • Have fun!
  • Be creative! (Photoshop allowed!)
  • All pets can participate from around the world! You can also team up with your human if you think they got what it takes!
  • A pet page is not a requirement. Personal account is fine!
  • It’s an imaginary race so your imagination is your only limit!

If you want to participate, find a partner as you need to be a team of two to be in the race. Post a photo of your team to our Facebook page or to our twitter account. Please include your names, where you are from, your strengths and your fears. Then pack your bags and get ready for a pawtastic race!

The race is based on The Amazing Race but as mentioned this one is an imaginary race and the challenges are made for anyone to be able to take part. We hope you will join us and most of all have fun! You have until Wednesday 8pm PDT (Vancouver time) to post your photo to take part.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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