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Interview with Grimsley Says

Sit down and get ready to meet not one character but a whole bunch! Grimsley Says is not only about Grimsley but about his whole family. Each with their own personality and I’m sure there’s never a quiet time in this house! Mummy says even with one doxie, it’s never quiet. I don’t know what she’s talking about!? Please make sure to head over to their Facebook page and give them a like so you can follow their adventures. But first here’s a little interview with them so you can get to know them better.

Tell us about how you ended up in your forever home?
Grimsley: My momma was searching her Facebook groups one day when she heard about a lady selling Dachshund mix puppies in another group. She scrambled into action as it was really love at first sight and ended up trading her prized Nook Color (with a total value on it of over $400) for me (which they wanted $75 for). Momma’s bestest friend came along and told her over and over it was a bad deal but my momma she said, “This puppy will bring me more love than that Nook ever would” and she was right!! We have an incredibly strong bond (can you say heart dog) and can’t bear to be without one another. In the end a lot of people have seen me as a rescue dog, cause I came with huge sores from all the fleas on me and I also had tapeworms something terrible!

10644926_339060616257394_5641289220669166177_nTell us about your family? 
Grimsley: Uhm, they’re nuts? BOL! Okay okay, on a more serious note I will start with my mother. My human mother, Momma as I most commonly refer to her, is my most favoritest person in the whole wide world! I hate to be without her and it puts me in a panic whenever I misplace her. We do lots of fun things together, like go on roadtrips and stay in fancy hotels.
To keep this simple I will try not to ramble…

Bullseye is my eldest canine sibling. She is going on 8 years old and has been with Momma since she was born. She’s the fun police and we have a rocky relationship because of that but at the end of the day, Bullseye protects her own and if you try to be mean to me she will stand up to defend me! (Not that I need a half pint old woman dog like her fighting my battles, you know). The queen of the household is a quarter dachshund, though it is hard to tell. (½ Miniature Rat Terrier ½ Chiweenie)

Finnegan is five years old, purebred Dachshund. We have a pretty good relationship, especially when he wants to be fun. He prefers to spend his days napping, eating, and incessantly squeak his Lambchop. Finn is a real complainer and if he wants something or you pester him, you WILL hear about it.

10626841_342529649243824_3893247687808810302_nEnder is the new kid and is now 5 ½ months old. He is a purebred Miniature Dachshund despite the constant question of “what is he mixed with?” He thinks I am his personal chew toy but I put up with him cause it gives me someone to play with all the time. It took me a while to figure out that this guy was sticking around (we fostered before he arrived) and at first I didn’t like all the attention he was stealing from me. Of course, when he arrived he was about knee high to a grasshopper and mom thought I was too rough with him.

The other animals in the family are my minions, Tilly and Auggie (mini dachshunds), and Lou (cat). They don’t live with us and I don’t see them too much anymore.

How did you get your names?
1622148_342409845922471_5511952002724496926_nGrimsley: Momma loves unique names!! She didn’t name Bullseye (her sister did) but she was named after the spot on her forehead. When she was born it wasn’t connected to the patch like it is now. Finnegan means “little fair one” and was chosen before she got him. He matches his name though as mom associates it with a sweet but comical personality which is what Finn is. My name means “dark meadow” and also was chosen before I arrived and this one took mom some getting used to! She almost changed it to some S name or other. But it fits me grand now and the meaning too “dark” for my devilish tendencies, and “meadow” for my good looks and calming effect I have upon my momma. Ender is named after the meaning, “unique” and Ender’s Game! His name was chosen after he arrived as the one prechosen just did not fit him.

Describe yourself with 3 words (each dog gets 3 words)
Grimsley: Handsome, fun, and majestic
Bullseye: Refined, caring, and reserved
Finnegan: Loving, needy, and relaxed
Ender: Bouncy, cute, and pushy

10686940_338989176264538_46203031229044310_nWhat’s your favourite toy?
Bullseye: Whatever squeaky toy the boys have not touched
Finnegan: Lambchop
Ender: Grim

What’s your favourite food?
All: Anything meat!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
Grimsley: Hmmm… poop in Petco? What?! Surely that’s not as naughty as momma pretending like she didn’t even see it!!! She can’t deny it!!!

Do you know any tricks?
Grimsley: Sure do! Sit, Down, Paw, Step up (front feet onto a box, from that position I will sit, shake, and lie down as well), Roll over
Bullseye: Sit, Down, Beg, and Wait
Finnegan: Sit… and if I feel like it, Down
Ender: Sit and down! Do I get a treat for answering this question?

Do you like to dress up?
Finnegan: I do!!!! All that attention!! I have a hot dog costume, a clown costume, a monster costume, a jester collar with bells, and I have my life jacket. Oh, and my coats too (we even have custom ones for winter)
Bullseye: Only my Christmas one when I am chilly.
Ender: What is “dress up”?
Grimsley: I am a manly man and manly men would not stoop to such things… okay, so many I don’t mind my custom winter coat.

10644995_294939187374069_3725003327813141287_nSo we saw your mummy do beautiful pet portraits. Do you often help her with her work?
Grimsley: Oh, yeah. We love to supervise… and by supervise I mean distract her or sleep. Trust me, there is no ignoring me when I get ahold of one of my squeaky balls. (ed. check out the beautiful pet portraits she does here)

Anything else you wish to add?
Grimsley: My birthday is coming up!!!! I am 2 years old on the 19th (next Friday)


Be sure to check out Good Dog Graphics too on Facebook as their mummy makes beautiful pet portraits like this one, she made of me last week. Very handsome don’t you think?!

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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