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Interview with Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

When I was a little puppy, I always wondered what I wanted to be when I grew up. Would it be a firedoxie, policedoxie or something completely different. When I got recruited for the #ZombieSquad I was so excited and I soon became a colonel and I got my pilot license and joined #TheAviators too. Those are great jobs but I wanted to put my paws to good news so to speak! So I decided to become an editor and started The Doxie Press which has been amazing. I have interviewed lots of dogs and even a bear! I get to share talented artists with my readers and rescues and charities. We try to save as many dogs as possible by sharing posts wide and far to find them their forever home…. But my paws were still itching. There was one doxie I would give up all my toys for to get an interview with! Today it happened!! Crusoe is in the house!!!

How did you end up in your forever home?
Mum and Dad got me from a breeder in Montreal (who no longer breeds). I was in fact the last puppy of the litter to leave. I guess it was because I was the quieter one, but it also meant I appreciated my Mum and Dad that much more!

What’s your favourite thing to do other than fishing?
Chasing snowballs is up there. I have similar squeaks of excitement when I see Dad starting packing a fresh snowball. I love to chase and then crunch it apart!
I also just really like exploring new areas, like whenever we go on a vacation to a new place.

We love all your costumes and your dad is very creative – do you have a favourite costume?
Probably the “two monkeys carrying a box of bananas” since that was an original one we hand made. But the general fan consensus is that Chef Crusoe and BATDOG are also pretty awesome!

The picture with you on your stilts is amazing! How did you manage to keep your balance?

I’m a dog of many talents.. To be honest – and I don’t mind sharing this with you for this interview – but the stilts were staked into the ground. But it still required some good balance just to stand steady on them!

73771_445687962186371_43842295_nWhat’s your favourite dish to create as Chef Crusoe?

That’s a tough one.. Pretty much anything I can heavily sample along the way. Ice cream is a good one for that!

Do your have a favourite adventure?
Probably my first Bahamas trip. It was my first time to somewhere exotic and with such beautiful beaches. I loved running down the beach and burying – then digging up – my squeaky ball, only to repeat again. The next day I pooped pure sand.

Some of our readers and friends want to compete in a wiener race including me. I know you have won various races – how do you best train for a race?
Well a healthy lifestyle of active adventures is the first step – as you obviously need to be in pretty good shape! Then it’s all about mental training. Mum and Dad will tease me with a squeaky ball up to a week before the race, so that by the time the race comes, I’m crazy obsessed with getting that ball! People have said I’m the loudest dog on the starting block!

549013_450698108352023_17438008_nSo tell me, why do you not like wire-haired dachshunds?
It all started in one of my first races where a wire haired cheated and took off with an early start. But I still beat him. Since then I’ve had recurring trust issues with them..

I don’t want to ruin you reputation as the ladies’ man so this can stay just between you and me, but do you have a special lady in your life?
Well, the answer would be my Mum I guess! I wouldn’t mind finding a girlfriend but it’s hard to do when there’s groupies around every corner and I already have a love triangle happening with two girls named Zoey and Gogo.

How do you deal with paparazzi’s?
I pose for them.
And when I don’t feel like it, I go on vacation.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a celebrity like you?
Well for me, I’ve always found that thinking you’re something you’re not has worked well.. ; )

But seriously, just do what you love and what you’re passionate about and find unique ways of sharing it with people.

Keep ballin’,

~ Crusoe

10398027_759626587459172_5255143715901503616_nYou can find Crusoe on various social medias and if you aren’t already a fan, don’t wait any longer! Head over and follow, like and read his blog post. You will not be disappointed!

Website: www.celebritydachshund.com
Facebook: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund 
Twitter: @Celeb_Dachshund
Instagram: @crusoe_dachshund
Vine: @crusoe
Pinterest: @CrusoeDachshund
YouTube: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund


That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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