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Business of the Month: Oliver & Mabel

I bet there is going to be some dogs sneaking into their human’s purses for the credit card when they see what our September Business of the Month has to offer! Did you say treats!? Yes treats in all kinds of shapes and with yummy ingredients too! And it’s all natural and local ingredients (that is not local to me but local to Oliver & Mabel). They are also starting to expand their little business and are selling toys, collars and lead sets and ready for Christmas stockings and advent calendars.

They are based in the UK but they do ship outside UK but please check with your country’s custom rules if you are allowed to have pet treats sent into the country. For shipping costs outside the UK, please contact Oliver & Mabel and they will be happy to help. Please welcome Oliver & Mabel to The Doxie Press:

paw pack July-2Welcome to Oliver & Mabel Gourmet Dog Treats
At Oliver & Mabel we believe in feeding your dog treats that are wholesome, natural, fresh and home-baked. We wouldn’t expect you to feed your dog anything less than the best! We LOVE baking almost as much as we LOVE dogs.

All of our treats are freshly prepared to order – and arrive beautifully packaged and hand tied with our signature pink dog ribbon.


We are based in the award winning Georgian town of Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Proud of our roots, we are surrounded by an abundance of quality local ingredients.
We use local eggs, homegrown herbs, and our flour is purchased from a local working windmill!

lavender heartsAll in all we bake wholesome, natural, fresh gourmet dog treats that will make your dog beg for more! Our dog biscuits are ‘twice baked’ and then sealed for total freshness and will last for one month minimum if stored in an airtight container/or the fridge.

All our products are free from additives and preservatives, and our WHOLE range of treats can also be baked with gluten/wheat free organic flour on request.
Our customers range from local to Holland.

Oliver & Mabel will be offering hand knitted scarves in a variety of Arran colours, plus handmade stocking personalised with your dog’s initial filled full of yummy Oliver & Mabel treats plus a high-quality toy.

Fmabel and meind us on – Facebook: Oliver&Mabel – Stamford
Twitter: @oliverandmabel_






birthday cakeIf you live in the area, why not order a personalized birthday cake for your next dog’s birthday. I know he/she would absolutely love it!

Remember to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter too 🙂




Oliver & Mabel were so lovely to offer to send us some samples so I could try it out. Unfortunately the Canadian custom is very strict and doesn’t allow pet food/treat to be sent here, so I put my thinking hat on. I decided to recruit an assistant in Europe! Not anyone would be up to the task to be a taster master – it requires certain skills.

I approached my great friend Bertie to see if he could cope with the pressure and also be able to actually write a report about it. He’s a young boy still so he hasn’t been to school yet and hasn’t learned the whole alphabet. I thought he would still be able to with a little help and I can now mould him in to being the right assistant for me! So thanks Bertie for an excellent report and pictures and completing your first job for The Doxie Press. (By the way he isn’t a doxie but don’t hold that against him – he’s a really cool westie). So over to you Bertie:

IMG_2126[1]It was with great enthusiasm and pride when by bestie pal Felix invited me to take part in a food trial on his behalf.

I was assigned as a UK reporter for the very first time by Felix to help him taste and give feedback for a fabulous UK-based company based in Stamford Lincolnshire called Oliver and Mabel, www.oliverandmabel.co.uk who make the most delicious homemade gourmet animal treats, which are all hand baked and lovingly presented in paper and ribbon.

We missed the delivery pfft, but the next day muvver went to the post office to collect MY parcel.  The postman was amused that it was addressed to me, don’t know why, I get more post than me muvver BOL!  And what a magnificently generous parcel it was too. As you can see, I just couldn’t contain myself to get it open.

IMG_2127[1]With a little assistance from muvver we opened the packaging to find the loveliest tissue covered bags of treats, all hand-tied with a pink doggy bow.  We were particularly impressed with the tray tub that sausage treats came in, a great lid that bent at the corner for easy access…..of course I had a couple straight away, nomnomnom.

I was heading on holibobs to Derbyshire this weekend so muvver packed the treats in an airtight tub, but prior to that as we had such a generous sample size, we bagged up one of each of the biscuits and some of the sausage bites for my twitter pals @WilburLamb and @missmollydog9 to also trial and I bet they liked them as much as I do.

IMG_2129[1]It’s certainly hard to choose which I like the best, the Peanut Butter Paws are delish,  I was like ‘give it to me woman’ pfft.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hearts of Bacon, you tell me one doggy who doesn’t like bacon heeheehee and as you can see I even ripped open the bag containing the lavender hearts before muvver got to them BOL! And it goes without saying that the air dried sausages were scrumdiddyumptious!




Muvver has got in on the act and started following OliverandMabel on their Facebook page and we she tells me there are lots of other exciting products available and on the way………  Me just ran off to pinch her purse from her bag Bahahahaha

Hope you get to try them one day Felix they are super delicious and thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to help you……I’m always available when food is involved *sniggers behind paws*

Big Bertie Hugs

Bert xx

We are giving them 5 paws! 

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!



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