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Interview with Dolly the Doxie

Today we are meeting Dolly – she’s a lovely doxie from Illinois and is now living in Chicago! You can follow her many adventures on her Facebook page Dolly the Doxie as well as on her blog which her lady writes. It’s called Dolly the Doxie – a stubborn rescue mix living healthy in a big city You will also be able to find lots of useful information about pet health and safety. So with no further ado, it’s over to Dolly.

DollytheDoxie toy

First tell us about your family and how you found them?
My rescue shelter, Wright-Way Rescue (http://wright-wayrescue.org) lists all the litters they pull from high-kill shelters in Illinois and the Midwest on Petfinder.com. It was the day after the Lady’s last cat, Herb, went to the Rainbow Bridge. She just typed her zip code in and there I was, with my four litter mates described simply as “Dachshund Mix.” We were the “Z” litter all of our names began with a “Z” and I was Zola. Because I was so cute she called the shelter and reserved me until we were moved from the intake facility in Southern Illinois to the adoption facility in Niles, IL where she could meet me. We had been very sickly so it took seven weeks before we were healthy enough for the five-hour drive to the big city of Chicago. On first sight she said two things, “What big front feet you have,” and “We’ll take her!” I was her first puppy to raise on her own, she’d always had cats, she was very inexperienced so we learned most things the hard way.


Describe yourself in 3 words.
1. Stubborn
2. Lovable
3. Stubborn>
4. Sweet
5. Stubborn

Did we say stubborn?

What’s your favourite food?
Oh that’s hard I want anything the Lady or dad has. Definitely cheese though!

What’s the most naughtiest thing you have done?
Well that’s tricky, because a lot of the naughty things I’ve done the Lady takes the blame for because she let’s me do something she shouldn’t, like letting me walk off leash then eat garbage people leave for the squirrels. I am not sure if things I did as a puppy should count because I was a puppy after all but I did chew a lot and did some damage. The most famous thing I chewed up was her valuable area rug she bought when she visited Tibet. By the time she caught me chewing on it I was through the fringe and the border and ready to start on the dyed Yak wool. It cost her $300 to get it repaired. Remember I was a puppy!


What’s your favourite thing to do?
Go on walks to the park with the Lady and smell everything. I don’t really walk with her I just follow the smells with my nose which leads to a lot of pulling on the leash. Also, anything with both the Lady and dad, like walks to get frozen yogurt or rides in the car.

Do you have a role model?
I have a lot of best friends (BFFs) that I have been pals with since I’ve been going to the park, they are all part of my pack. I am not sure if there is one that is my role model though. I am very respectful to the dogs I know, I am considered calm submissive so I roll on my back in greeting most of the time, but I don’t think I’ve every wanted to be like another dog.

Do you have a favourite season?
Believe it or not I LOVE winter! The summer’s get too hot (well not this one) and I’m all black so I get hot really fast and can’t tolerate the heat well, which is good because neither can the Lady. Last winter we got around 90″ of snow, not all at the same time, we spent a lot of time going to the park and running through the snow drifts, I loved it. We have the park almost all to ourselves so I get to run around off leash most of the time. In some places the snow was up to the Lady’s hip, I was following her and she turned around and whoosh! I disappeared in snow over my head. Not for long though I came leaping out. The cold never bothers me either, the Lady makes me wear a coat, which I hate, but sometimes I let her get away with it. If it gets too cold like sub zero she makes me stay home.

How did you get into blogging?
The Lady had a part-time contract job for a pet product company. She did their social media and marketing, sometimes writing their blog. When she decided she didn’t want to work there any more she started our own blog. She always loved to write and thought we had a special story to tell about how adopting me changed her life.

What’s the best thing about blogging?
The pet blogging community. When the Lady didn’t work she got lonely but through blogging she got to meet all sorts of people and has even met them and made friends. Also, learning new things, about technology, and dogs.


What’s your favourite subject to blog about?
Well, me of course. She loves to write about me and some of the funny things I do or adventures we go on, also the other dogs and their parents we know at the park. She is also following The Puppy Mill Project here in Illinois and the legislation that’s passed and proposed to stop the selling of pets in stores which she’s written about that a few times

What would your dream blog post be about?
That there are no more puppy mills or pets from them being sold in stores in Illinois and the rest of the country

Anything else you wish to add?

Make sure to head over to her Facebook and give her page a like and you will be kept updated on her future adventures 🙂

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles! 

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