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Business of the Month: Walk Me This Way

You already met Mr. Darcy and Wilbur when we interviewed them back in May (see interview here) but this month you will get to see them even more because our Business of the Month is Walk Me This Way where Mr. Darcy and Wilbur are “The Craft Room Hounds”. With their talent and incredible sense they choose fabric and colours for their mummy so she can create some cool accessories for us dogs. Get to know them and their mummy Maria better by reading their story below. At the bottom there’s a review of the sets which I bought a year ago (I saved up my treats for weeks to get my paws on them!)

Mr. Darcy wearing the gamer collar and lead

Mr. Darcy wearing the gamer collar and lead

Hi, I’m Maria and I run Walk Me This Way, handmade collars, leads and accessories. 
It all started 3 years ago because of Mr Darcy, a Miniature Black and Tan Smooth Dachshund. He was my sons 13th birthday present. Dachshunds were my sons favourite dog, he’d wanted one for years. Thing is, Darcy claimed me as ‘his’ instead, and you know how difficult it can be to change a Dashies mind! Darcy was 4 months when we got him, and I wanted something different for him to wear from the shop bought collars. I’ve always been a crafter- knitting, sewing, making jewellery etc and used to work as an assistant repairs seamstress. So, I found some nice ribbon online, and rummaged around my craft room  for an old clip and bits from a rucksack and some webbing; out came the sewing machine and the first collar was made. I posted up a pic on facebook, and on a Dachshund forum, and well, you know how it goes! 

craftpileofcollarsFriends started asking for them. More ribbon was ordered. I researched and bought the correct clips, welded D Rings and only really intended to do it as a small hobby but it grew quickly. I started a facebook page and the next idea was to make enough collars to help get Mr Darcy a friend. 
18 months down the line, Wilbur, a beautiful Shaded Red Smooth pup came to live with us. He was 13 weeks old when my website www.walkmethisway.com launched. 

I now have collars, leads, and bandanas in my range. I also custom make collars and leads for weddings, Snugglesacks and the occasional Super Hero cape! Most of my customers are Dachshunds. I think people know I understand their sizing and needs well. I hope to have another range coming out this winter- ‘Puddle Jumpers’ fleece jumpers with waterproof tummies, shaped especially for Dachshunds. My two have been trialling them, they’ve made such a difference to rainy walks, and we get a lot of them in the UK!

I’ve also just set up a sister business to Walk Me This Way – It’s called The Fab N Dashery Pop Up Shop. Its full of Dachshund related items I’ve sourced from all over: t shirts, jewellery etc. It only opens every now and then, so keep popping by. Again, it started because of things I’ve found and people have asked where I got them from  www.facebook.com/fabndashery

There is something very special about Dachshunds, they aren’t ‘just a dog’ I think it reflects on the owners too. They are unique little creatures, big hearts and big personalities in a little ‘cartoon’ looking dog. My two are my world. Dachshund owners love to show that affection, and Fab N Dashery is all about that! 


I love and live to sew and create, seeing Dachshunds all over the world wearing the collars I’ve made makes me so happy, knowing their owners like my stuff. I try to keep it original, different and fun and use high quality woven ribbon and fabrics to make boutique-worthy accessories. 
One of the very first collars I sold belongs to Basil, a Long Hair who’s known as ‘The Swamp Monster” because he’s always in water or rolling in the sand or mud. He’s still wearing that collar, and his owner says it’s still going strong after 3 years of many adventures and washes! 


Basil also know as “The Swamp Monster”

I have a huge new range of collars coming to the website, they will be added over the coming month. I hope all The Doxie Press readers will stop by to see what’s new, and maybe get some Walk Me This Way collars and leads like Felix! 


Mummy stumbled across Walk Me This Way on Facebook one day and just loved the different bandanas. She thought it was time I upgraded my collar and lead too so we decided to look for a matching set. As daddy also walks me, we thought it was best not to go all girly which I totally agreed on. Time to have something totally boyish so we decided on ordering the Marvel set. We contacted Maria to find out if she had more bandanas in my size and she replied quickly with the details. She also asked what size dog I was so she could advise about the correct size. Mummy found it very helpful and gave her my measurement and Maria made sure I got the right size.

My Star Wars set

My Marvel set

Delivery was very fast as my parcel was sent the next day and we at the time lived in England. (Maria does ship world wide too). Mummy was very impressed with the quality of the fabric used for the bandana as well as the collar and lead. The collar is made with a contoured clip which makes it easy to put on and off. The bandana is one you put your collar through which we really like as you don’t have to worry about loosing it or the bandana getting to tight around my neck. Of course I did some modelling on our deck with my new accessories – I was now the coolest doxie in the neighbourhood. We normally get lots of compliments from women when out walking, mostly about my colouring and my coat. This changed when I was wearing this set. Boys, guys and men came up and said cool lead, love the bandana! Not just a chick magnet eh?

Shortly after Maria posted a new set on her Facebook page with a Star Wars set! I’m sure she did it just to tease us 😉


My Star Wars set

Daddy is a big Star Wars fan so he said we had to order it before my size was sold out. So another order was placed and I shortly after had a Star Wars set too. It’s good to be able to mix it up for different occasions. We have had both sets for over a year now and it’s still i perfect condition even after having washed it a couple of times. We are very satisfied with Maria’s work and love all the different designs. She also just scored extra points with mummy with the new shop Fab N Dashery where mummy has already placed her first order 🙂

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for both shops – I bet you will find lots you like. We look forward to sharing both of Maria’s shops during the month of August.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!



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