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The Heat Is On!

Since we moved to Canada we have heard a lot about wiener races and both mummy and I were intrigued to see what it was all about. When we got an e-mail mentioning the Wiener Dog Race at Hasting Race Course, mummy quickly registered me. Now it was time to find out what it was all about. We have interviewed a few doxies who have won races in their area and we had already got a few tips from them. We decided to watch a few videos and watched the doxies racing last year in preparation. I think mummy was a little relieved that many of them didn’t run straight for the finish line. We did a few practise runs in the garden the week up to the race. I it’s know not even close to a real race but we thought we should do just a little practise. Mummy kept saying we are just doing this for fun, so no pressure Felix – but what about all my fans? They want me to win!? And what about all the treats I could buy for the prize money!? If you have followed our Facebook page you have seen that I’m the MC of The Bachelor Doxie Edition featuring my buddy Milez – they had decided to do a group date at the races and at the same time, come cheer me on (they were not really there in real life but in spirit). I was so grateful for having them all there and the girls were beautiful in their dresses and hats.

Gorgeous Ginger rooting for me

Gorgeous Ginger rooting for me

Cameo Sera & sister cheering me on

Cameo Sera & sister cheering me on

The cute Qutie all dressed up

The cute Qutie all dressed up

The day of the race arrived and I had a lie in – it was already warming up quite a bit so I got up to do my morning patrol. Just because I have a race doesn’t mean the zombies will stay away. I need to make sure our neighbourhood was clear so Lily wouldn’t get into trouble while we were out. Then it was time to chose which bandana to wear – I needed to look stylish but still fearful to the other competitors. I went with my Marvel one from Walk Me This Way in the hope I would fly like a superhero.


We had to be at the race between 1 – 1.30pm to register so we got there just after 1pm and there were already lots of doxies there. We signed in and found out I was in heat 1 starting at 2.22pm so we didn’t have to wait too long. Most of the doxies were smooth haired – lucky them because they didn’t look like they were as hot as me (I’m naturally a hot dog but I was referring to the heat here).

Heat 1 competitors

Heat 1 competitors

I was eyeing up the competition while we were waiting – I even got to meet DeeOgee who got a fair bit of attention with his costume. Luckily he wasn’t in my heat because I have seen on his YouTube channel that he can run very fast! But isn’t he looking great! His owner and cheerleaders even had tops with his name and address for his YouTube channel! I told mummy that we need to work on our attire as well as a costume for me and we need some cheerleaders too!


Meeting DeeOgee – he was so cool dressed up as Woody

There was two horse races before our heat so I was checking out the horses to see if I could learn a few tricks from them. They were so fast around the track – I guess that’s why it’s called a sprint. I wasn’t so sure that I would be able to run that fast!

IMG_4597It was time for the official photo before the race and then I headed off with daddy to the start line. We had decided that he would be at the start and mummy at the finish line as I most likely would run towards her. We headed out on the actual race course where the horses had just run – how exciting this was! The course was huge! And my little legs were sinking into the sand. Oh boy I hoped I would be able to run. They had these huge starting gates which they also use for the horses and daddy put me in one of them. I was a little confused at this point as to what we were doing. Daddy told me to look at mummy but I couldn’t see her anywhere. Then suddenly the gates opened and daddy let go of me and I was like freedom!!! And I thought it was time for us doxies to party! I looked to the right and saw a couple of the others head towards the side and I ran up to them asking where they were going. One of them said they knew where the treats were hidden and they were off to get them, so four of us ran behind the starting gates and off to where we came from. Hey, why should we miss out on the treats right!

Bob Kronbauer from Vancouver Is Awesome got a nice shot of me trying to figure out where to go after the gates open – it’s just before I heard about the hidden treats – check out the photo here: http://i.instagram.com/p/qXvLhcQDzs/

Daddy finally had to come get me and chase me in the right direction and then I saw mummy and I ran as fast as the wind. I was so happy to see her and I couldn’t wait to tell her about the hidden treats! I then figured out that I was supposed to run towards mummy who was standing at the other end from us! Though she was happy that I had fun which was all that matters. I had still run a long leg so she had to carry me out of the race course. I had a few pets and compliments on the way which was nice. Daddy and mummy decided we would go home as it was very hot and they didn’t want me to get heat stroke, so we didn’t get to see the other races.


Exhausted after the race and so ready for a nap

It sure was a fun afternoon and we want to thank Hasting Race Course for the opportunity to try out my first Wiener Dog Race – I will come back stronger next year! And thanks to Bob Kronbauer for letting us use his photo. Below are a few more pictures of the beautiful Bachelorettes cheering me on.

Isn't Pixie gorgeous!?

Isn’t Pixie gorgeous!?

Jasmine Lily in her pretty green dress

Jasmine Lily in her pretty green dress


Milez joined us too!


The whole gang including Ginger and Punkin


Qutie had even made a sign and was waiting with coconut water at the finish line ❤


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