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Happy Birthday Daddy ♥

Today it’s daddy’s birthday so we went on a big adventure! I’m so tired now because it sure was a lot of walking for my little legs but we had so much fun!

Come on daddy! Let's go!

Come on daddy! Let’s go!

We drove to a secret location for lunch so daddy didn’t know where we were going until we got there! Surprise! It was a a lovely Scandinavian cafe serving Norwegian food which is similar to Danish, so mummy was in heaven 🙂 The staff was so friendly and put a table and chair outside so we could sit and have our lunch there. It was a little busy on the street so I was a little agitated…until mummy got her lunch! She bribed me with a meatball! IMG_4424

Can I have a meatball please?

Can I have a meatball please?

After lunch we were supposed to take the bus to Stanley Park but as mummy had run out of bus tickets, we had to find a store to buy some (you can only buy on the bus if you have exact change). So we started walking and walking and walking! Why is it when you need a certain store, it’s no where to be found!? I saw areas of this city that I don’t want to see again. It is too much for a little guy like me 😉 I’m glad I had daddy with us to protect me.

IMG_4432After the walk to downtown mummy and I needed a break so we sent daddy to the store to get bus tickets! Except they were sold out the first 3 places! We finally found some and we could finally get on the bus. We were close by so it was a short journey which was good because I surprisingly didn’t want to rest up. I wanted to explore more! Around the park there’s a sea wall where you can walk, ride your bike and rollerblade. We decided to only walk some of it considering how far we had already walked.



IMG_6238 It was cloudy but this city is still so beautiful. I kept checking over the wall in case there were any zombies. It’s important always to be alert to protect your humans. I scared of a lot of zombie geese! They were so scared when I went RaaaRaaaaaaa! Next stop was the totem poles – they can be a little scary at first but they are beautiful work.


Break time



It's important to keep hydrated!

It’s important to keep hydrated!

We also saw the Nine O’Clock Gun – I’m glad we got there before 9pm because I think it would be a very loud BANG! Back in the day it was fired on Sundays at 6pm to warn the fishermen of the closing of fishing. It was later used as a time signal for the general population and the ships in the port. Today it’s fired every evening at 9pm. I guess it’s good for the people who don’t own a watch.

Nine O'Clock Gun

Nine O’Clock Gun

The last stop was to see the “Girl in a Wetsuit” – it’s a bit like The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark except the wetsuit and goggles 🙂 Then it was finally time to head home. I don’t know who was most tired; me or mummy 🙂 But we had a lovely day around Vancouver.




That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!



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