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A turn of event at the vet

Today it was the dreaded day and it was raining cats and dogs which was quite suitable! (I’m still looking for the cats and dogs falling from the sky?!) Mummy got up way too early and took me outside in the rain! And then she gave me a bath!! The morning couldn’t have started off worse!

Mummy got our carrier ready though Lily thought my bag was nicer so we decided to switch while we waited for mummy to pack all the necessary papers and treats.

Lily testing out my bag

Lily testing out my bag

Mummy said this was not going to work!

Mummy said this was not going to work!

We had to take two busses to get to the vet but the last one was only one stop so we got there a little early. Mummy had to fill out some paperwork as this was our first visit there. The receptionist was very nice and answered some of mummy’s (many) questions. While we waited for our turn I was checking out the place, there was so many smells everywhere. I think I could smell another dachshund, a labrador and possibly also a poodle!

Sniff sniff!

Sniff sniff!

The receptionist then weighed me on the big scale and of course I’m the perfect weight (I guess thanks mummy for being so strict on the treats!). We were then taken to a room at the end of a hallway by Kelly who was going to do the first exam before we saw the vet. I thought she was okay until she took out this cold stethoscope and put in on my chest! What was that all about!? I was trembling so it was hard for her to listen so mummy had to calm me down. I like to make it difficult for the vet staff 😀 And to make things worse, she put something up my bum! That was not pleasant at all! Yikes! I was not sure about this visit at all.

Lily wasn’t sure either – she first had to get weighed and then they did the same think with the stethoscope and the bum thing! Mummy had to hold her very tight as she was not happy about that! I mean who would!? Lily was also ideal weight which is good. It’s very hard to see with her because she’s so fluffy so mummy was glad to hear she was fine but shouldn’t get heavier too.

Then Kelly left and we waited a little until the vet came and joined us. We were scheduled to see Dr. Kramer who mummy had met a couple of times before at a seminar at the vet clinic and also at the pet store Discover Dogs. Something you should know is that whenever I have been at the vets, I have NEVER accepted treats from the vet and I also don’t drink when I feel a little out of place. I totally surprised mummy today when I accepted a treat from Dr. Kramer! I tell you, she has the best treats in the world! I showed her how good I am at sitting 🙂

Lily was up first this time so she could go back in her carrier. Daddy put her on the table and Dr. Kramer started by checking her eyes and ears which was all fine. She then wanted to see her teeth! Good luck with that I said! Lily started growling which is her first sign of “Stay away from me!” Dr. Kramer lifted her up in the window sill so she could look outside and also bribed her with some treats. She managed to get her checked over before she started growling again. She said that Lily looked good – hrm hrm I believe she said I was beautiful and pretty perfect! Okay okay Lily, she said you were close to perfect. You did have some tatar on your back teeth, remember?! I just need more quail and chicken leg and I will be fine! 

IMG_4403Lily went back in her carrier and then it was my turn but first I needed more treats! Dr. Kramer read my mind! I like this lady! Well until she stuck funny things in my ears! I do not like that! She also checked my skin on my legs, by the tail and on my neck – all places where I have been scratching. She also wanted to look at my teeth but I only allow mummy and daddy to do that! She did see some tartar so she recommended to keep brushing them and keep an eye out when they have a special on dental treatment. She went through various things with mummy about allergies and my ear infections and skin rashes and what we can do to make me feel better. It could be environmental or due to food allergies. The ears looked like they were yeast infected so she wanted to do a cytology to check if it was the case and also check if the rashes had any yeast in them. She went over the different treatments but if it was yeast, we would have to use traditional medicine like a cream to get rid of it. We could then later look at homeopathy and try herbs to help it. She also suggested it could be allergy to certain proteins so for the next 3 months I should only have duck and then we will see if I have made progress. I’m also going to start taking probiotic once a day and she recommended Benadryl to help the itch go away. Mummy says she was very informative and explained everything to mummy and daddy.

Watching the work go by

Watching the world go by

While we waited for Kelly to come back and do the test, I sat on the sofa checking out what was happening outside. It was still raining lots so I was kind of glad to be inside even though it was at the vet. She came back shortly and had brought Michelle with her – they decided to take me to the treatment room away from mummy and daddy as sometimes that’s better when doing the test. It didn’t take too long but I was too excited about all the touching and I kind expressed myself by letting something out of my bum 😦 They were luckily both fine and quickly cleaned me up though I thought it was little embarrassing at the time.


They brought me back to mummy and daddy and offered us water while we waited for the vet. They do the test in house so we would get the results straight away and that way get the right medication with us home. Mummy nearly fell down the sofa when she saw me drink the water! She is certain we now have found the right place to take us when I’m that comfortable! Dr. Kramer came back to go over the test and my ears did have some yeast in it. My rashes didn’t but they did show some bacteria so we would be given a cream to use for both. She went through a few more things and gave us our consultation report. We both got a happy sticker and there are some general recommendations as well as the ones, Dr. Kramer had given us.



Lastly Kelly came back to tell mummy how to apply the cream to my ears and my rashes and we could then leave. Well daddy had to pay the bill first 😀

The consultation lasted about 1 1/2 hour for the two of us and this is only the 1st consultation. Follow ups are not that long. Mummy was very pleased with both Dr. Kramer and the staff – they were very friendly and professional and listened to mummy and daddy’s concerns and gave different options for treatment. Before they did the tests, they ran through the costs and what the invoice would be with the tests and the medication that I most likely would need.   And best of all they made both Lily and I comfortable and never forced us if we didn’t like something. Definitely recommend Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital to anyone in Vancouver!

Thank you daddy for carrying us from the bus stop!

Thank you daddy for carrying us from the bus stop!


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