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Sunday Adventure!

Today I went on an adventure! Mummy told me this morning that her and daddy was going to The Italian Day and they were taking me with them! Boy was I excited! I got my duck and went in my new bag ready for an adventure! Mummy said I was 3 hours too early as they weren’t leaving until after lunch! I was just so excited to finally be able to go everywhere with them!

IMG_4379It was finally time to go and mummy had packed a bag with my water, water bowl, poo bags, bus tickets and my lead and we set off! I thought we were just going for a walk but we stopped at a bus stop and suddenly I was shoved into the bag! I whined a little as I like to see everything that’s going on. Mummy and daddy went all the way to the back of the bus and they opened the zip so I could look out. That way I got some air in my face and I could look out the window and see what was going on. I whined a little during the first bus trip but mummy said I was very good. The second bus trip the bus was so full, so daddy had to stand with me which was okay as it was only 2 stops.


We got off the bus and mummy saw thousands of people! I don’t know who was most uncomfortable; her or me! But we braved it and went for it! The whole street was closed off which meant there was more space for everyone. Some areas were more packed than others and mummy would pick me up so I wouldn’t get stepped on. Some people don’t even look where they are going!


Daddy went to one stall to sign up for something so me and mummy took the opportunity for a short break to rest our legs and have some water in the shade. Suddenly there was a huge husky behind me! Boy did we get scared and I barked at him! No one comes near my mummy! I’m here to protect her!


It’s important to stay hydrated in warm weather!

There were so many stalls with food, music, clothes, accessories etc. I was helping mummy look at some nice bags and scarfs – maybe I should become a designer!


After we had walked for a while, we headed back to the bus stop. It was a nice sunny afternoon but mummy didn’t want me to stay too long outside in the heat plus my legs (and hers) were getting tired. So we jumped on the first bus for a few stops before getting off and heading to catch the next one. But they didn’t stop?! They kept walking… it turned out there was one more surprise! We stopped at the pet store! The smells were so good and there were treats everywhere!


So many treats!


I chose these treats! Sweet potato and pumpkin 🙂

It was finally time to head home and I was so tired that I fell asleep on the bus. It was a lot of adventures in one day for this little dog, but I had such a good time! Bring on the next adventure!


That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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