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Business of the Month: Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary

We all know by now what the 1st of the month means for The Doxie Press! It means it’s time to say thank you to one business and introduce a new one to all you lovely readers. This month we will be featuring our first rescue and we will be sharing some of the lovely dogs up for adoption and the great work the rescue does in trying to save as many dogs as possible. We are very thankful for all rescues, charities and shelters in the whole world who are there to help less fortunate animals as best as they can.

There are many ways you can help either by donating, volunteering, fostering and/or adopting to change the life of an animal. This month’s Business of the Month is Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary in Nebraska, US. It’s run by Mary Stickney and below you can read some more info about her and the rescue.


Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary was founded in 1998, and we became a 501c3 organization in 2009.  We specialize in rehabilitating abused, neglected, and emaciated dogs under 25 pounds. Most of the dogs we receive come from Puppy Mills in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. The dogs we receive from the mills are in bad shape and sometimes there is nothing the Vet can do to save them.

When we receive the dogs, our objective is to get the dogs groomed, vaccinated, spayed, neutered, and eventually adopted out to good homes.

These animals come to us with a history of neglect and abuse by humans. Some of the mill dogs are never able to make that leap to be a family dog, and they stay here for the rest of their lives.

We have taken in 908 dogs since 2003, 873 have been adopted and 35 are here waiting on homes.

We take on all the dogs who would otherwise be euthanized, and find them homes.

Mary Stickney is one of those rare people who finds the good in everyone and everything. For many years now, she has taken into her home, cared for, loved, rehabilitated, and then rehomed literally hundreds of dogs a year.

Her life purpose is bringing life to dogs that have never known a human touch or a real meal or a real bath. Sometimes the dogs are almost catatonic and 90 per cent of the time they learn to enjoy life because Mary is patient yet they learn house training manners. Some dogs are so far gone that they hide in a corner for two years or more and it may take months of bathing to actually find their true fur color. Mary and her veterinarian value all life and really make a difference to these lost and neglected fur-kids. Mary also will give a home to throwaway dogs (example: grandpa died and the dogs are going to the pound). These dogs are usually elderly but house trained and very loveable. 100-150 dogs of Mary’s are saved and adopted annually.

Mary funds everything she does out of her own pocket and through donations. The dogs who come to her are often in poor health and need vet care. They require food, grooming, medications for heart worm, fleas, and ticks, neutering, spaying, teeth cleaning, and many other expensive things. Rescues can’t do it all themselves, especially not the small ones like Mary’s. They need financial assistance. They need YOUR financial assistance.


Check out their website Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary where you can see the dogs that are up for adoption as well as read stories about some of the dogs and find more information about puppy mills. You also have the option to either donate or use the link to shop at for instance Amazon and by using the link, the rescue gets a donation each time. You can also find lots of pictures of before and after pictures of dogs, they have saved.


So welcome to Mary and her volunteers – we hope we will be able to spread the word about your work and maybe even help to save a dog or two. Check out their Facebook page too here


4 thoughts on “Business of the Month: Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary

  1. Mary is awesome at what she does! She certainly endures much heartache as well, when the abuse proves to be too much for the babies. I am glad she has so much success with the majority of the dogs and they find happy homes. Thank you for recognizing Mary Stickneys rescue.

  2. We can imagine there will be lots of hard times. We looked through the gallery of before and after pictures and it’s amazing to see how they dogs change. We are happy to recognize her great work and will be sharing on Facebook throughout June 🙂

  3. Stickneys and Mary have done so very much good for so many babies! Thank you all for the job well done!

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