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Interview with Mr Darcy and Wilbur

Today you will be getting to know Mr Darcy and Wilbur also known as “The Craft Room Hounds” at Walk Me This Way – they are two very handsome smooth doxies with an important job. Their mummy has her own business where she makes cool collars, leads, bandanas and much more so Mr Darcy and Wilbur are in charge of quality control. We all know how picky us doxies can be so I think their mummy chose wisely. Mr Darcy and Wilbur double check parcels when new material comes in to make sure it’s safe to open and they always wear the coolest accessories. Get to know the two handsome doxies in the interview below.

Tell us a little about your family.
Mr Darcy: I am a 3 year old, Black and Tan Miniature Smooth Dachshund and it took Mummy nearly 3 years to get Daddy to agree to getting me, he’d never had a dog before, I love Mummy the most.
Wilbur: I am a Shaded Red Miniature Smooth Dachshund and I am 1 ½ years old. Darcy needed a friend, he was lonely, I love Daddy the most, and Spencer my human brother.
We live with 4 humans, Mummy and Daddy and their 2 sons. We also have a human sister who is a grown up and has 2 Pug x Chihuahuas.
We also live with 2 stinky cats- Ozzabella whom we love and snuggle up with (sorry dogs!) and Camkat, who we chase out of the house at any opportunity!

How did you get your names?
Mr Darcy: My breeder chose my name. It’s from the book Pride and Prejudice.
My family decided to keep it because I’m so handsome, or so I’ve been told, something to do with my Roman Nose making me look very regal! I’m known as Mr Darcy Littlehound.

Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy

Wilbur: My name is Wilbur Bingley. Wilbur was Mum’s choice, she just liked it, not because of the pig in Charlottes Web, as people think. Bingley because Mr Bingley in Pride and Prejudice was Mr Darcy’s red headed best friend, and I’m a shaded red and Mr Darcy’s best friend!
You might also know us collectively as “The Craft Room Hounds” at Walk Me This Way, which is our Mum’s business, making handmade collars, leads and other dog stuff.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Mr Darcy: snooty awkward snuggler
Wilbur: cheeky greedy rocket

Do you know any tricks?
No, we’ve not been taught any tricks, Mum tried to teach Darcy ‘paw’ he took 3 months and still didn’t really get it, but she taught him to ‘stand’ for showing, he only did one proper show, he didn’t like it, but it’s useful for taking photos!

What’s your favourite thing(s) to do?
Darcy: Getting Mum’s attention, humping Wilbur and plotting to exterminate all Postmen- Death from the ankles down!
Wilbur: Stealing Darcy’s favourite Stag Bar and trying to eat all the freshly cut grass I can, oh and barking at every dog I don’t know.


What’s the naughtiest thing you have done?
Darcy: We aren’t really naughty, though Wilbur will rip the cover off any magazine left on the sofa if the humans go out, and the cats taught me how to shred the bottom of the bin bag open, hehehe!

What’s your favourite food?
Wilbur: TREATS of course!! We love Ziwi Peak venison flakes, Pet Munchies Duck Strips, Innocent Hound venison bites and Orijen Alabama Pork… mmm, drooling now.
Darcy can’t eat raw meals anymore, it makes his colitis worse and fresh bones make him very ill, so we have to have healthy, natural cooked treats so his tummy stays well, I’m not complaining!

Do you have a favourite toy?
Darcy: I love Piglet from Winnie The Pooh, I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for him. I have 4 cuddly ones in various sizes from tiny carry in the mouth sized to a huge, big enough to be a bed sized one. Mum thinks I identify with him because his famous quote is “It’s hard to be brave, when you are a very small animal.”
Wilbur: I love fleece tuggy toys, Mummy makes them for us with the off cuts from making Walk Me This Way doggy Snugglesacks.

Do you like to dress up?
Wilbur: Mum is a knitter, enough said! She has always put us in jumpers and coats and things she’s made us, we like it. Being smooth coated, we get chilly in the winter and Darcy has quite a naked tummy, he really shivers, so he needs them. I’m a bit more hardcore than him, I prefer to rock a bandana.
We like Buster Outdoor Wear coats, The Knitted Dachshund jumpers and Mum’s invention ‘The Puddle Jumper’ a fleece jumper with a waterproof tummy, perfect for us lowriders!
Mum made Darcy a Very Hungry Caterpillar outfit once, she finished sewing it at 2 am and woke him up to try it on, he wasn’t too impressed, but it won him a 1st place rosette at a fun dog show the next day, so it was worth the lack of sleep and he thinks its cosy!

2013-07-15 09.03.24

Are you duvet or basket dogs?
Darcy: I had my own bed in Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom, but happily got crated with Wilbur when he arrived, until it got really hot last summer and we worked our way onto the humans bed! We still have the dog bed, and Wilbur mostly sleeps in that, and I sleep under the duvet with Mummy, sometimes we swop or snuggle Mummy together, she calls us her Hound Water Bottles. I have a bad back and really like the humans memory foam mattress, I sleep better on it. I have to thank Wilbur for this, I wasn’t even allowed ON the bed before he came along, Daddy wouldn’t let me, but Wilbur LOVES Daddy, and we get away with it now!


Anything else you want to add?
Wilbur: I’m only one, but can I be serious for a moment, please?
Mummy has asked us to mention the Dachshund Breed Councils research into IVDD, something that’s REALLY important to us Dachshunds.
Darcy doesn’t have IVDD, he was just unlucky, and born with a partially fused back and other bits in the wrong places, but we have seen him in pain, go through rehab and he can’t walk too far some days, just like after getting IVDD. And my sister was Winny, who was born with a unique spinal abnormality, you may have heard of her and amazing journey, and the incredible amount her owner Di (my breeder) fundraised towards the DBC’s IVDD research, and continues to raise in Winny’s memory.
If you love Dachshunds, please think about donating to help future generations of our breed against this devastating problem as we never know who it’s going to get next, thank you.
Licks and nose woffles,
Wilbur x

PS: If you want to help IVDD research AND have a smart collar and lead for walks, there is the ‘Team Winny Collection’ at Walk Me This Way, which is in association with Di’s fundraising.
£5 from every item sold in the collection is donated towards the DBC’s IVDD research fund in Winny’s memory.


2013-06-27 08.20.03



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