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Interview with Pea Bear & Pooh Bear

A short while ago we ran into Pea Bear & Pooh Bear – not literally of course, though that would be great, but on Facebook. Their cheeky but loving relationship with each other is wonderful to follow. We love seeing their photos and videos and they always bring a smile to our face. Check out their Facebook page here. We just interviewed their daddy who runs the page Simple Act Of Kindness so it was only appropriate to follow that with an interview with Pea Bear & Pooh Bear so thanks pals for participating. We hope you didn’t get in too much trouble with mummy. We hope you all enjoy their story.

Tell me about your family. 
Pea Bear: Well where to begin I don’t know where my brothers and sisters are
Pooh Bear: Shhhh Pea Bear they mean the family now… Such a crack up.. he thinks his true calling is comedy after his Pea Bear Tickle video The polls are still out about all that. I myself don’t think he is very funny.
Pea Bear: Dang nab it woman talk talk talk never let me say anything Grrrrrrrrrr
Pooh Bear: Oh No You Didn’t Grrrrrrrr
Daddy: Don’t make me come in there you 2 now please just answer their question or do I have to call this interview over and separate you 2
Pea & Pooh (in unison): Sorry Daddy
Pea Bear: Anyways once again I don’t know where all my brothers and sisters are
Daddy: PEA BEAR!!!
Pea Bear: Ok Ok Their’s me the Cheech & Chong the George Carlin the Jerry Lewis of Dachshunds
Pooh Bear: (Rolling Eye’s) Now I have heard it all
Pea Bear: Then theirs Gabby Hayes over there
Pooh Bear: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Pea Bear: OK Then theirs Pooh Bear She thinks she’s a covergirl model because of her black eyeliner looking markings
Pooh Bear: You said you loved my marking last night when we were snuggling
Pea Bear: (Whispering) I do love them Honey just let me make my joke’s please you want me to look like a big shot and become a star don’t you
Pooh Bear: You know I do my sweet loving snookums
Pea Bear: Then theirs Daddy Pooh Bear really loves her Daddy…..You Love Your Daddy You Love Your Daddy You Love Your Daddy BOL
Pooh Bear: So do you ya big Daddy’s boy… Give’s Daddy the eye’s and he seldom say’s no to Pea Bear Spoiled Brat. Daddy is also the good cop
Pea Bear: (smiling) The there is Mommy she’s the shy one of the family and also the bad cop. Daddy finds us too cute to discipline sometimes but Mommy see’s right through our attempts at the sad eyes
Pooh Bear: Then of course last but never least Mommy & Daddy’s little angel Pancho AKA Bear he’s up in heaven we never met him but Daddy still cries a lot for him. we know he loves him very much and misses him and so does Mommy

How did you get your names?
Pooh Bear: We will add our age’s too he is 1 1/2 years and I am 6 months
Pea Bear: My name was picked out right away in honor of our older brother So it was P.Bear But when I got to my new home I was wrapped in a green blanket and looked like a little Pea in it’s pod Mommy said. So my name was slightly altered to Pea Bear… Until someone gets mad at me then I get called by my full name Pea Benjamin Bear
Pooh Bear: Yeah we hear that a lot around our house
Pea Bear: Do Not
Pooh Bear: Do Too
Pea Bear: DO NOT
Mommy: Knock it off in there
Pea Bear: Gosh you guys from The Doxie Press are going to get us in trouble with your questions. Ha ha your turn
Pooh Bear:(Blushing Very Red) I don’t wanna tell
Pea Bear: BOL
Pooh Bear: Sniff Sniff I don’t wanna tell
Pea Bear: The reason she don’t want to say is because when she first got to what was my house for a year and I got all the attention till she came. Anyways I walked up and sniffed her nose and in response she went number 2 Daddy Liked Poo but with our last names being Bear because of Pancho Pooh was perfect. So thats how she got her name. Glad I didn’t meet the other end first like we normally do
Pooh Bear: Well you take a 3 hour car ride and see if you don’t have to 2 too.
Pea Bear: Sweet you used a lot of 2’s there to 2 too tutu Ha

Describe yourself with 3 words. 
Pooh Bear: Him spoiled rotten baby
Pea Bear: Her Attention stealing primadonna
ea & Pooh: But together we are Happy Healthy Loved

What’s your favourite food? 
Pooh Bear: Daddy Makes us meatloaf we just adore it here’s what he does:

5 pounds Ground Turkey
2 1/2 pounds Lean Hamburger 2 to 1 Turkey to Hamburger
All in food processor but blender works fine
1 can tomato puree
2 tbs Olive Oil
Any portion will do no real amounts just added
1 package blueberry
2 package strawberry
1 package shredded carrots
2 red apples no seeds of course
2 No seeds again pears
Cheese ( I know not good gives soft stool but they love it and a little’s not bad)
Green Beans
1 Sweet Potato
When all mixed add minute rice uncooked white or brown I added 1/2 a box of each
Put in baking pans make sure you have enough baking pans makes alot.. Top with ketchup throw in oven at 375 for 1 hour let cool over night portion them out and freeze. Freezer bags work best.
Daddy takes a package out every morning to thaw for supper
Yummy… And we don’t even care its real healthy for us
Pooh Bear: We also love Chicken wrapped sweet potatoes for treats… I wanna try a lot of other things but not allowed.. I got to lick the top of a mountain dew once OMG I liked it hated it liked it hated it still not sure what all those round little popping bubbles were doing in there
Pea Bear: It was funny

What’s your favourite thing to do? 
Pea Bear: Anything not involving her
Pooh Bear: Stick to him like super glue

Do you have a favourite toy? 
Pea Bear: Yep glad you asked Daddy makes us toy/treat by taking a toilet paper roll and putting our treats in it….
Pooh Bear: Yeah I love that one too we get to tear something up and get a yummy treat too.

Do you know any tricks? 
Pea Bear: (Whispering to reporter) Don’t tell her but when she has something I want I fake wanna go outside then when Daddy gets up to let me out Pooh Bear gets all excited and drops what I want and runs to the door and I swoop in like a vulture
Pooh Bear: What are you telling them?
Pea Bear: It’s a guy thing
Pooh Bear: Men….anyways my favorite trick is to take anything Pea Bear has even if I have to go inside his mouth and take it. Because whats his is really mine
Pea Bear: Thats no trick you females been doing that for centuries
Pooh Bear: (Looks at reporter and smile’s)The best tricks are the one’s that are time tested and that’s a good 1

Do you like to dress up? 
Pea Bear: Are you kidding me what self respecting man does
Pooh Bear: I can vouch for that he hate’s it… He let’s Mommy do it altho you can see he is not happy just like ralphie in a christmas story when he had to put on the bunny suit. I myself don’t mind

So who’s the boss or are you best friends?
Pea Bear: We are best friends, lovers,life mates and soon to be married.
Pooh Bear: What a sap he know I know everyone know’s I am the boss
Pea Bear: Prude
Pooh Bear: Ox
Do you have a role model?
Pea Bear: Yes beside the obvious like Under dog, Benji, Hootch, and Wonder Dog I kinda admire Nathan Winograd founder of the No Kill Advocacy Center

Pooh Bear: He is my Hero too

Are you a blanket/duvet or basket dog? 
Pooh Bear: I am a under the covers snuggler
Pea Bear: I am a blanket kind guy

Anything else you wish to add?
Pea Bear: Yes I would just like to add a lot of dogs are not as fortunate as we are to have such wonderful Humans… They need your love too… Also our time with you is not as long as you think it is Please don’t squander it away before you know it….
Pooh Bear: Sausage
Pea Bear: ?
Pooh Bear: Didn’t want you to have last word so Sausage.
Pea Bear: Attention Stealer
Pooh Bear: Spoiled Brat Daddy’s Boy
Pea Bear: Grrrrr
Pooh Bear: Grrrrrrrrrr
Mommy: That is it I have had it with you too arguing this interview is over… Sorry The Doxie Press You Got To Go
Pea Bear: Told ya she was the bad cops Bye……..
Pooh Bear: Thank you Randi & Felix Bye Now

2 thoughts on “Interview with Pea Bear & Pooh Bear

  1. We recently lost our doxie nikki steve came to us and helped us heal through video and poem steve came out of nowhere yet I feel he is a guardian angel steve is awesome and has a great spirt

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