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Simple Act Of Kindness

At The Doxie Press we are big fans of the Facebook page Simple Act Of Kindness (check it out here) and also kindness in general. We like to help where we can and when we can. We can’t offer much money wise but hopefully by sharing lost pets, rescues, small businesses or anything we feel is a good cause, we help in a little way. Hey if mummy had her way, she would rescue all the pets in need and I know a lot of our readers would do the same 🙂

So today we are sharing Steve’s story about his page Simple Act Of Kindness and you might want to get the tissues out before you start. Just a heads up. We love Steve for what he’s doing and we hope you all will to. Over to Steve:

Tell us about Simple Act Of Kindness
Simple Act Of Kindness is just that a simple act I make custom pictures and custom video’s for families who have lost there furrbaby to the rainbow bridge. And going thru various medical issues.

Why did you start the page?
I started the page in honor of my little man Pancho AKA Bear I lost him at 16 years old just about a year and 1/2 ago. I had made the very critical mistake of giving him a bone and without my knowledge it splintered and was eaten. I went to bed just as normal to wake up to Pancho lethargic and unresponsive. I rushed him to the vet had a friend drive I was in no shape to/ sadly on the way to the vet he died in my arms. His death scream he let out still haunts me to this day. There is not one day that goes by I don’t blame myself for giving him that damn bone. I was crushed I spun into a major bout of depression cried for 2 days straight. The worst was waking up out of my dream like state thinking I was going to hear that loving thump thump thump of Pancho’s tail wag he slept above my head and knew the instant I opened my eyes only to realize I would never hear that again. I was on a fast ship to not being able to do anything but cry. My family joined together on my mom’s birthday and traveled 350 miles round trip to get me a little Dachshund. I named him P Bear to start to honor Pancho but he was wrapped in a green blanket and looked like a little Pea in a pod so changed it to what we know Pea Bear. An exact look alike almost of Pancho. I knew Pea Bear wasn’t Pancho but he is exactly what I needed. Then I got Pooh Bear 1 year later for Pea Bear’s life mate. Well as any proud Papa I made them a FB page and was trolling around all the Doxie pages and notice a lot of people going through the same heartache I did and felt compelled to do something even if it was as simple as making them a picture. Thats when I thought Simple Act Of Kindness in honor of Pancho. I felt I needed to give back for all the years of unconditional love and friendship he showed me. And with each picture and video I do I feel closer to my sweet little man. In life he made me a better person and even in death he is still making me a better person everyday. whew sorry to be so winded but I feel your readers need to know the whole story.

What touches your heart?
Of course my family friends and NO KILL SHELTERS… We as a people need to take more responsibility to protect our resources & animals. The word animal so funny because the way I see it the harm and abuse and torture we as a whole have put these poor creatures through is so very way more animal than they will ever be. And even after the abuse they just crave your love. How can we call them animals?

If anyone wants a tribute made, what would you need from them?
What I would need is very simple round up anywhere from 30 to 60 pictures you would want to see in your tribute. If you want them in a certain order number them 1 2 3 ect if it does not matter send as is. Pick a song for your video list the artist and song title and send them off to my email simpleactofkindness@yahoo.com
If you do not have many pictures and would like custom pictures done, do same thing send picture add poem or words you might want on your photo or trust me to assume that responsibility for you and send to simpleactofkindness@yahoo.com

And of course we would love to hear about your little helpers; Pea Bear & Pooh Bear.
I would love to tell you about them but I am very sure Pea Bear & Pooh Bear would be upset you didn’t interview them too. (ed. keep an eye out because we are interviewing them soon)

What’s the naughtiest thing Pea Bear & Pooh Bear have done?
Well for Pea Bear that one’s easy I and a buddy took Pea Bear and his dog Major for a walk just out of town by a nice wooded area. Well Major saw something and chased into the brush Pea Bear gave chase after Major. we called for the dogs Major came out no Pea Bear searched and searched for 4 hours nothing ran home to get night gear because come hell or high water I was going to search till I found him I wasn’t going to lose 2 babies in less than a year. I came home frantic crying grabbing night gear to search. Get back down to the area I last saw him called called whistled and nothing 2 hours later I am scanning the area and notice a black spot in the distance I didn’t remember being there . Well I whistled and called and nothing no movement,Still thinking in my mind that was not there before so I started walking towards the spot remember its dusk kinda hard to see. After I took 4 steps towards the spot it run off back into the woods my heart sank and I gave chase. Heart lifts its Pea Bear as I call him and walk up to him he was so scared he started to growl because I had changed cloths. So I immediately dropped to the ground and used baby talk to him. He then realized his ordeal was over. and I was showered with kisses which was just fine with me he was wiping away my tears of joy. Poor little guy was scared to death & me too
And Pooh is still kinda young to have done anything as bad as that but she did one night went number 1 on my side of the bed. The family went to bed while I was doing some late work. Well when I went into the bedroom I left the lights off as not to disturb anyone just had the tv light. I laid down in bed to feel very cold very wet spot forming between my shoulder blades. I jumped up quick right into a pile of her number 2 it was like a bad 3 stooges movie and i was the joke.

Anything else you wish to add?
Yes I would like to add I am just 1 person trying to change the world around him by doing at least 1 Simple Act Of Kindness a day. Thats not including on FB. Now can you imagine if another person starts this too and get more to follow and everyone was doing at least 1 simple act of kindness what a better world we would be in. I know thats being unrealistic though because there are just some people out there who like hurting destroying who are basically unreachable soul less people. But if I can touch someone just one even if its out of 1000 or 100,000 isn’t it worth it. I think so and will not give up believing in a Simple act Of Kindness

Last but not in the least at all I would like to thank Randi & Felix from The Doxie Press for all there great work and allowing me to spread the news about Simple Act Of Kindness


The picture is a copy of the original letter I sent with my little man. And this video is a tribute I did for him.

That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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