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Interview with The Barks Alot Gang

The Barks A lot gang are new to social medias but you won’t be disappointed if you head over to their Facebook page (find it here) – you will find lots of pictures of the whole gang including little doxie puppies!! They live far up in Alaska and have some cool plans for the near future. I told mummy, we have to go visit them as they are a cool bunch of doxies. She told me to start saving up now! Now over to The Barks A lot Gang:

Tell us about your family.
The family originally started out with moms service dog, Brutus (Brute) she got him as a 6 week old baby and he was trained to help mom. Then she fell in love with doggies. When she met dad his parents had a standard Doxie and a chiweenie. The chiweenie claimed mom as hers and every time she went over she would hold her and kiss her for hours. When her and dad moved in to be a family they started looking for a Doxie to call their own. 2 years later they had Ginger sent up from NC. 6 months later mom found me (Dandy) on Craigslist, I was being neglected and abused. I was a surrender, mom scooped me up and didn’t look back. They got married and right after, I had a litter of four babies and they kept a girl (Sahara) because she was special and unusual. Three months later Ginger had a litter and they kept Rosie because she was so sweet and tiny. Then Aunty Alice came to live with is because she got hurt and couldn’t use her legs or bodily functions anymore. Now we’re adding a baby boy. We’re excited, he’s the first baby boy!
Mr.Brute passed away in July of last year due to old age (almost 11yrs) and Aunty Alice passed away a month later due to IVDD complications.
We also have a 2 human sisters, one has a family and lives 5 hours away, the other is 14yrs and lives with us. Plus mom and dad!


How did you get your names?
Dandy: mine was given to me by the breeder when I was born. When mom and dad rescued me I wouldn’t answer to anything else, because I was older,so they let me keep it.

Ginger: I am Queen Ginger Ale, mom named me cuz I’m the color of gingerbread and ginger ale mixed together. She also calls me Ginger Rae after her niece named Ginger Rae that was born on her birthday and she has red hair too!

Sahara: daddy and mommy both named me! Dad picked Sahara cuz my dapples look like islands in a desert and mom named me Blue cuz I got one blue eye and one half blue,half white eye. So I became Sahara Blue!

Rosie: mommy named me! When I was tiny puppy she said I lookeded like a tiny rose bud. So I gots named Rose Marie, but hers mostly calls me Rosie or Rosie Bud.

So Alaska, isn’t that very cold? Are you fans of that? I don’t like cold too much.
Dandy: I came from Germany, so I was mostly used to the cold when I got her as a baby. I love the snow!! I stay out to play so long I get real snow balls stuck to my long hair! It’s mostly only cold in the winter, that’s from October to April/May up here. But the 24 hours of sun in the summer makes the cold worth it, we can take walks or play outside at like 1,2 and 3AM!! It’s great!Ginger: I Hates da cold!! Mama has to put me in da sweaters,coats and boots! I love sunbeams and summertime da most.

Sahara: meh the cold is fun if the snow is fresh! But after that, I stay inside and only go out to potty. I have to have a coat and boots but they have to come off the instant I get inside.

Rose: I loves da snows!! I play outside wiff Dandy till I has snow stuck to me like a twismas tree!! It takes mama a long times to brush us out when we comes back in.

Describe yourself with 3 words.
Dandy: bossy,clingy,hungry.Ginger: prissy,loud,loving.

Sahara: Big,tough,kissable.

Rose: prissy,delicate,cuddlebug.


What’s your favourite thing to do?
Dandy: Tricks for Treats!

Ginger: Belly rubs!!

Sahara: Sleep.

Rose: cuddle!

Do you have a favourite toy?
Dandy: yes! A lamby that mama got me when I first came home. I still have it. I have to have mama hide it from Ginger.

Ginger: nope, I AM destroyer of all toys!

Sahara: anything that squeaks! It drives everybody crazy!

Rose: my stuffed cow. I clean it like a baby.


What’s the naughtiest thing you have done?
Dandy: I once stole Gingers crush. Hehe

Ginger: I tear apart everybody’s toys and leave the mess for them to find. I’ve eaten Dandys bed 3 times now. I’m not allowed near hers bed anymores.

Sahara: uhm I’ve been known to move poops off of potty pads to make it look like others have pottied on the floor. I got caught a couple of times. Once cuz dad filmed me doing it. Yes, I am ashamed, I cannot stop.

Rose: I’m perfect! I don’t do bad things, even when I was little. Ask mommy!

Do you know any tricks?
Dandy: we all know how to “Sit pretty” up on our hindends.
I “dance” for treats. Ginger: I crawl!! I can crawl across the whole floor when daddy and mama tell me to!

Sahara: I “argue” yep, that’s right, I talk back and hold a conversation.

Rose: I “walk” on my back feet and I do something called “1,2,3” mommy says the numbers and I step forwards the same amount as the numbers!!

Do you like to dress up?
Dandy: mama says never leave home nekkid! I love my outfits, I have to have them on. Ginger: I live in clothes unless I have babies!! I need more clothes!! Good things mama sews!

Sahara: only to potty. I will wear my favorite pink camo sweatshirt no matter what the weather is.

Rose: of course! A girl can never has too many clothes!!


Do you have a role model?
Dandy: to be like Aunty Alice, she was 3 pounds of total Boss! She was my best friend,I never left her side and kept her clean when she couldn’t any more. Ginger: Yes! Her name was Rosie, her facebutts was Everything Rosie. She was the greatest her mamas name is Cinnamon, how cool is that! Another spicy lady!

Sahara: my big brudder Brutus. He was SO big nobody told him what to do. I’m big too. I wanna be like him. Mama loved him something fierce. I can be fierce too.

Rose: I wanna be just like Dandy! She’s my bestest friend in da whole big ol’ world! I worship her. I even sleep right next to her with our noses touching. Shh don’t tell nobody.

Are you blanket/duvet or basket dogs?
Dandy: I have my private “bedroom” it’s a plastic crate that mama decorated for me, has a cover and blanket door and everything. But I love pillows, specially above mamas head when she sleeps. And I have my own bed too. Ginger: blankie girl!!! The big fluffy one for winter is sooo soft on my paws!! I like a bed too, but I end up de-fluffing them and they end up just material and stuffing in a pile. I’m an addict.

Sahara: On the couch with no less than 4 blankies piled on top of me. Only my nose poking out.

Rose: Blankies!!! In a bed, chair, couch I don’t care as long as there’s blankies.

Tell us a little about your plans for your rescue? It sounds like lots of fun!
Daddy’s gonna build a whole building! Everybody will have their own bed and blankies and toys, and its gonna be hooked to the house so we can go back and forths when we please! Daddy is trying to talk mama into having big dogs like sheppards and malamutes. Mama says she’s just not ready after losing Bubba (Brute) so soon.
Daddy plans on pouring the slab this summer, be done building by first snow this coming winter.

Anything else you want to add?
Not that we can think of. Thank you Felix, for having us and being patient while we each reply.

Aren’t they a great bunch of doxies!? We love them and can’t wait to follow their dream of opening their rescue. We are sure it will be a success and we would love to come visit one day. The last picture below is of the newest member of the gang and if you head over to their Facebook page, you can suggest name for the handsome little boy.





That’s how the doggie biscuit crumbles!


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