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Interview with Sunni & Sissy

February 20th 2014:

Interview with Sunni & Sissy (check out their Facebook page here)

We already had an interview with the lovely sisters Cookie & Duchess so I thought why not introduce you to another pair of sisters who I know through Facebook. Sunni & Sissy are fairly new to social media but they have already captured the heart of many people and pets. They can sing and dance and are very caring doxies. Over to the girls.

Tell us a little about your family. 
Well, we have a Mommy and Daddy, of course, and we have a people sister and three people brothers.  Our Fur Mommy and Fur Daddy only had two litters of pups together; Sissy is from the first litter and Sunni is from the second!

Where did you get your names from? 
Sissy: Daddy rides a motorcycle.  There is a seat on the back of a motorcycle, that is meant to help the passenger stay on, and it is called a sissy bar!  Daddy wanted to name me “Two-Stroke” (which is a motorcycle engine!), but Mommy wouldn’t let him!  BOL!!!  Thank you Mommy!
Sunni: Mommy used to sing “You Are My Sunshine” to Emily (our people sister) when she was little.  So my registered name is “PK’s Southern Sunshine”. (PK is where we live- Possum Kingdom)

Describe yourself in 3 words (you get 3 each!)
Sissy: Smart, Loyal, Feisty
Sunni: Energetic, Playful, Loving

Do you always get along? 
Sissy: NO!
Sunni: YES!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have done? 
Over Christmas, We went with Mommy, to Grandma’s house…  Grandma and Papa have chickens…  We has never SEEN chickens before!  Do you see where this is going yet?  Well, we chewed on a couple of the poor chickens!  The chickens did not make it.  😦  We were very bad girls, and Mommy was VERY disappointed! Daddy says we just wanted to play with the birdys!  And we did want to play!  But, in our hearts, we are hunters, and carnivores…  Mommy does not allow us in Grandma’s backyard anymore.

Do you like to get dressed up?
Sissy: No. I hate clothes, but in the COLD cold weather, Mommy makes me wear a sweater!  GRR…
Sunni: I love clothes!  I like to dress up and look pretty!  My favorite shirt is my Texas Longhorns T shirt!

What’s your favourite food? 
Well, we only eat doggy food, but we LOVE raw veggies as treats!  Especially baby carrots!  Our Daddy’s friend recently gave us some dehydrated sweet potato doggy treats, OMD, they are YUMMY!

What’s your favourite toy?
DADDY!  Daddy is so fun to climb on, and we are the masters of pinning down Daddy’s hands, and he is SUCH a fun wrestling opponent!

Do you have a role model? 
We actually have an aunt and an uncle, who are our absolute idols!  Uncle Copper (a mini, shorthaired) crossed the Rainbow Bridge before we were born, but he was totally cool!  Mommy tells us stories about him stealing chocolates and chewing gum when she was a kid!  We don’t do those naughty things!  But he was a daredevil!  Copper lived to be 21 years old!  The next is our aunt Dixie, (also a mini, shorthaired), and she has back problems, but she will SO get on the floor and romp with us if we want her to!

What’s your favourite thing to do?
Go outside and check for smells!  We are exceptional sniffers!  Sunni loves to sing as well.

Do you know any tricks?
We can both sit up pretty, and we both dance in circles for our treats!  There is a video of us dancing on our FB!

Are you a duvet/blanket or basket dog?
BLANKET, all the way, both of us!

Do you have anything else you would like to add? 
We would like to add that we both also look up to you, Felix.  You were the inspiration for us to start our own FB page!
We appreciate, so much, the opportunity to be introduced to your fans, friends and readers!  We cannot wait to have as many followers as you do!

Thank you Sunni & Sissy for the kind words and for participating in the interview. It’s been a pleasure and we hope you will gain some more followers. I did laugh a little about the chickens because I would probably have done the same. RIP chickens.

Below there’s a few pictures of the girls and you can find lots more including videos on their Facebook page.

Beautiful sisters

Beautiful sisters

All cuddled up together!

All cuddled up together!

Sleepy doxies

Sleepy doxies

What? We are busy!

What? We are busy!

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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