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Interview with Ozzie Cranmer

February 12th 2014:

Interview with Ozzie Cranmer (check out his Facebook page here)

You are about to read an interview with a racing champion! His name is Ozzie and he’s living in the fast lane! We met Ozzie through Facebook and saw a video from one of his races and we were hooked! Go to his Facebook and check it out. He’s really good. Over to you Ozzie.

Tell me a little about your family?
I came to live with my Momma and Dad when I was just 11 weeks old.  I have a human sister who I call Sissy, but her real name is Rebecca and she is 24 years old.  I am now 3 years old.

Where do you live?
I live in New Jersey.  We are about 40 minutes from the beach and I love going there and running along the shoreline and chasing seagulls!

Describe yourself in 3 words.
I am cuddly, playful and fast!

What’s your favourite thing to do?  
I have a lot of favorite things but the thing I love most is being held.  I just love to curl up on Momma’s lap and take a nap.

What’s your favourite toy?  
My most favorite toy is a Chuckit Basketball.  It’s small so it is the perfect size for me.  I love to put it in my mouth and throw my head to the side and let the ball fly.  I chase it all over the house.  The only problem is that because the ball is small it rolls under the furniture and then I just stand there and bark until someone comes to get my ball out.  This can happen over and over again and is usually when the folks are sitting on the sofa relaxing but I have them trained pretty well so they just keep getting up!  BOL

What’s your favourite food?
My favorite food is PIZZA BONES!!!  We call them pizza bones but most people call it pizza crust.  Unfortunately, I had a bout of pancreatitis last summer so I am on a special diet now!

Do you have a role model?
My role model is a dachshund named Mr. Monkey.  He was a champion racer at Keystone in the Adult class.  He is a race champion, a world traveler and an overall really cool pup!  His page is Mr. Monkey Da Dirty Dachshund. (ed. you can find Mr. Monkey’s Facebook page here)

Do you like getting dressed up?
I have to admit I am quite fond of my clothes.  I have my very own closet in Momma and Dad’s room for all of my shirts and sweaters.  I do not have a lot of hair on my underside so my shirts help me stay warm.

We have seen your videos competing in races. How did you get started? And how many medals do you have? 
Ahhhhh racing…..now we are getting to my most loved pastime!!!!!  When I first came to live with my folks they had never had a dachshund before and Momma wanted to learn all she could about the breed so she would sit at the computer and just read everything she could find.  One night she googled dachshund and a dachshund race in Pennsylvania popped up.  She checked it out and found out that it was not that far away and the race was in a couple of weeks.  She had always remarked to my Dad about how fast I could run so she talked Dad into going.  At the time I was under a year old so I was entered in the Puppy Class.  Momma, Dad and four of their friends made the trip to Pennsylvania with me.  Momma made special shirts for everyone that said “Team Ozzie” on the front and “Run Ozzie, Run” on the back. I raced and won a few qualifying heats and then won the final race for the Keystone Dachshund Races Puppy Class.  I got a ribbon and a trophy.  When you won a final it automatically qualified you to go to Ohio for the National Dachshund Races.  Momma, Dad and I drove to Ohio for the National Race in September 2011.  I raced and won again!  I was the National Dachshund Races Puppy Grand Champion 2011.  I have a medal and trophy from that race.  I also have a few ribbons from the qualifying heats.  I guess I should spill the beans and tell everyone the secret to my racing success.  The truth is that I’m a Momma’s boy….Dad holds me at the starting gate and I can see my Momma at the finish line and as soon as that gate goes up I just run as fast as I can to get to her.

How many races have you competed in? 
I have competed at two races.  Keystone Dachshund Races in Pennsylvania and National Dachshund Races in Ohio.  I cannot wait to race again!!!!

How do you prepare yourself for a race?
I take lots of naps to rest up for the big race….actually I take lots of naps all the time….BOL

Are you a duvet/blanket or basket dog?
Blanket dog!!!  I love to be under the covers and snuggly warm!!!!

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for interviewing me!  This was a lot of fun!

Thank you Ozzie, it was a pleasure interviewing you. I told mummy and daddy that we need to go practise at the weekend as I now want to enter a Doxie race! I’m sure I will do good… unless I get distracted 😀 Mummy has already started looking for races near us! Thank you Ozzie for introducing us to racing.

Below is a few pictures of Ozzie and please go like his Facebook page too.

Ozzie all dressed up

Ozzie all dressed up

Ozzie racing in Salem County

Ozzie racing in Salem County

Trophy from Keystone Dachshund races - Puppy Grand Champion

Trophy from Keystone Dachshund races – Puppy Grand Champion

Ozzie - maybe dreaming of his next race or sausages ;)

Ozzie – maybe dreaming of his next race or sausages 😉

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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