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Interview with Mr. Monkey

March 7th 2014:

Interview with Mr. Monkey – Da Dirty Dachshund (check out his Facebook page here)

Are you ready to meet a cheeky monkey? Not literally as I don’t know any monkeys…yet! But this doxie is called Monkey! Oh sorry, it’s Mr. Monkey! He’s so cool and I just found out the other day that he’s part Viking! Yes, his mummy is from Denmark like mine! What a small world! Mr. Monkey has some great stories to share and he loves something which I find a little weird and start with B! Read below and find out for yourself.

Tell us a little about your family?
I live in Philadelphia with my mom and dad – Christa and Craig, or C&C for short. Christa is from Denmark, so I’ve traveled all the way over there to visit my Danish family a few times. I’m a city dog, but I do love when I get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and get to run around, sometimes without a leash!!! One of our favorite places to go is Florida, I love the sun and heat (I am not made for the cold)!! It is also where I do most of my swimming… which I LOVE!!!

How did you get your name?
C told me my name was Monkey when I moved in with them at the age of 8 weeks. I was like, uhmm I may be cute and cuddly now, but I assure you that I will become quite a distinguished and sophisticated pup… soooo we’re going to have to add a “Mr.” 😀

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Long, Loving and Loud

What’s your favourite thing to do?
Hmmmm – I will have to say anything that involves water. I L-O-V-E bath time… I often run to the bathroom and sit in the tub, hoping it will result in a bath. I also love swimming, both in pools and on the beach!!

What’s your favourite food?
Well, pretty much any food – other than celery (ew!). If I had to pick only one I’d say cheese…. or steamed broccoli from the Chinese restaurant.

What’s your favourite toy?
If anyone has seen my Facebook page, you’ll know that I have many(!) toys. I have a lot of favorites, but the one thing they have in common is that they are almost all blue!!

What’s the most naughtiest thing you have done?
Yikes – Don’t ask C&C about this, they will go on and on!! One of the worst things I did was at my Uncle Tate’s house, it was Thanksgiving and I snug in to the kitchen and ate as much of the leftover turkey that I possibly could. My belly was almost touching the ground!!! I got pretty sick… but I would totally do it again!

We saw you won a Dachshund race in 2010. That’s very exciting. How was it to win? And have you done any other races?
It was one of the most amazing days of my life. It was my very first race and C&C had no idea that I am lightning fast!! The best part of the race though was all the friends I made. My main man “Ozzie Cranmer – Life in the fast lane” won the puppy race and we have been buds ever since. I also got to know @Ammo The Dachshund, he is pretty cool, a man of many talents! They don’t have the race anymore, and we never found another local one… but I’d love to have a reunion with all my friends. 😀

Do you know any tricks?
Ha ha ha… YES! Let’s see, I can roll over, play dead (get shot), shake, high five, show my belly, sit up, lay down, speak, whisper, (kind of) sing, hold treats on my head/nose until I get the ok and a bunch more… A lot of these are on my youtube channel, just search for Mr. Monkey – Da Dirty Dachshund.

Do you have a role model?
My best buddy Teddy! He looks like a model and I like to roll on top of him 😀

Do you like to get dressed up?
Well, just like Craig, I have male pattern baldness, so I don’t have a lot of fur to keep me warm, so I have A LOT of jackets, shirts and sweaters… but I don’t love wearing them. I DO love wearing bandannas and ties around my neck though… I can be stylish and naked all at the same time! BOL I also have a bunch of costumes which are kind of fun. My favorite is my ‘cocktail wiener’ costume, I wore that at the annual Key West Dachshund Walk 2013 – it was a hit 🙂

Are you a duvet/blanket or basket dog?
2 blankets please! I currently have a down comforter and a grey blanket that I like to burrow in while I’m on the couch. In bed I am under the comforter of cause… spreading out and taking up as much space as possible 😉

Do you have anything else you want to add?
Random facts: I LOVE going fishing, going for car rides, beer, dissecting toys, hiking in the forest, boating, biking (me in a basket), sleeping, snuggling, Jimmy Buffett, balls, sun, popping balloons, baths (in case you didn’t know by now), my grandparents, my friend Lukas, treats and I HATE getting my nails trimmed!
More random facts: I am a bit of a ladies man. I have a house in our living room with a woof deck. I was a very cute puppy. I used to go to work with Christa when she worked for Petplan pet insurance. Key West is my most favorite place on earth. I am Christa’s emotional support pet.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us Mr. Monkey! I still don’t get why you love bath and water! That is beyond me 😉 But mummy wants to get a bike too so I can come for rides in a basket just like you. I think that will be lots of fun. I will be like a GPS and telling her where to go next! I can’t wait for spring now 🙂






Out for a bike ride

Out for a bike ride


I'm a great doctor!

I’m a great doctor!

Can I order some tennis balls?

Can I order some tennis balls?






13089_10151270003505518_15042403_nThat’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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