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Interview with Milez

March 3rd 2014:

Interview with Milez the dachshund who thinks he’s human (check out his Facebook page here)

Here at The Doxie Press we love all animals; big and small, furry and non-furry; the list goes on. So just because we have interviewed lots of doxies, doesn’t mean it’s all about us. Though you must admit, we are pretty cute 😉

In this interview we are meeting another doxie. His name is Milez and we just became friends on Facebook. He’s another cool doxie on the block and I can’t wait to share his stories with you. Are you ready?? Here goes:

Tell me a little about your family?
I live with My MaMa (grandma) & PawPa, Mom, uncle Camden & my furry brother Bruiser he is a rat terrier. Bruiser he was diagnosed with diabetes in October 2012 he was in and out of the Vet and had pancreatitis too we thought he was a goner, Mama said he is one tough cookie! He is doing great now. He is on a special diet that I like, sometimes he lets me have a couple bites. Mama takes good care of him she has to give him shots of insulin twice everyday, yikes! I also have an Aunt Megan & her to cats Mouse and Salem they don’t live with us anymore.  Then theres My cousin Jewel a black lab & two more kitty cousins that PawPa saved Fluffy and Elmo. They are temporarily living with my great grandma cause we are renting a duplex while our new house is being built.

How did you get your name?
I was named after Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys, cause my family are big Cowboys fans. Only my mom wanted it to be unique and spelled it with a Z.

What’s your favourite food?
I love those little containers of Rachael Ray dog food & of course Mama’s cooking.

What’s your favourite thing to do?
To go for rides and look for cows or anything to bark at! I also like to escort Mama around the house, I never let her out of my sight and I’m always asking her to hold me. She says I’m her lil love bug.

Do you know any tricks?
I sit and shake, and I’m really good at looking cute. Mama said we are going to start working on some new tricks.

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
One time when we lived at our other house I got away from PawPa and ran as fast as I could, right down the middle of the highway! Mama said I nearly gave her a heart attack. I just thought, woo hoo I’m off the leash! You can bet that never happened again.

What’s your favourite sport and why?
I like to play tug o war and I love to go for walk/runs!

What’s your favourite season and why?
Spring and Summer cause we get to go on some fun vacations. We always go to Florida for 9 or 10 days my family loves the beach. We even took a mini vacation once just for me to St. Louis cause it was so dog friendly. I got to do a lot of fun stuff including going to the Dog Museum. It was all stuff about dogs and I was able to tour it with my family. Oh yeah and I hate cold weather.

Do you like to get dressed up?
Yes Mama is always buying me new sweaters, shirts or some blingy collar, she bought me some socks this winter to keep my toes warm. Mama says I’m very helpful when its time to get dressed. I always put my head right in.

Do you have a role model?
Yes, Shelly from The Wienerschnitzel Nationals movie. I dream of running a race like that. She is an inspiration to dachshunds everywhere.

Are you a duvet/blanket or basket dog?
I am definitely Blanky boy. I love to burrow under covers. I also like to jump in the laundry basket of towels out of the dryer.

Anything else you wish to add?
I love to go to Starbuck’s and get puppiccino’s or puppy latte’s.
I also like to take baths, sometimes I jump in on top of my Paw pa when he is trying to take a bath. I have been known to steal Mama’s bath, I jump in after she runs it when she’s not looking. I miss our big tub at our old house, Mama said we will have another big tub when the new house is done. Oh I’m real excited about the new house! I’m getting my own room, well Bruiser too, we are gonna have a doggie door that goes to a fenced play yard so we can go in and out when ever we want. Our builder is making a ramp so I don’t have to worry about steps. I’m even getting my own special doggy bath tub sink in there! Mama’s gonna decorate our room real cute!

Wow Milez! We are so happy nothing happened to you when you ran down the highway! I nearly had a heart attack just reading about it! And a doxie who likes baths!? Are you sure you are a doxie 😀

Check out Milez’s pictures below of him and his family and be sure to visit and like his Facebook page too. Thanks for taking part Milez and thanks for all the sharing of our posts which you do every day!








That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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