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Interview with Ker’Dunkedunk Bear

March 2nd 2014:

Interview with Ker’Dunkedunk Bear (check his Facebook page here and on Twitter too @KerDunkedunk)

I’m so excited about this interview because it’s the first bear I have ever interviewed! He’s the coolest bear on the block and with the coolest name ever! His mummy has been kind enough to translate each answer because not everyone can understand bear language 🙂

First tell me about your family? 
I has a lotta teddy beah siblins, but I awso has wun hyoomin bruhvah. Den of corse dehr’s mah. My mose annoyin sibling is my sistah mahj. *rolls eyes* She ken weely getteds on my nurds!Translation by mah: I have a lot of teddy bear siblings, but I also have one human brother.  then of course there’s mah. My most annoying sibling is my sister Marge. *rolls eyes* She can really get on my nerves!

So we read your biography about how you ended up in the U.S. of A. but can you tell our readers the story too?
It’s very scary. I no weely nose wat happends, I juss no dat wun dey I wuz in englens, en my maykah putteds me in dis box wif a bunch of uddah stuffs, en I fot maybees we wuz moovins ur sumpin… En I fawleds asleeps, den awllahvah suddens I woketeds up wif a big bump! En da box wuz closed en dey kept bouncins me awounz. I ended up on my hed mehnee tines! I wuz so scayrd en fot it wood nevah enz! I fot I wuz stuck in dat box furevahs! En I keps hearins awl dese stwaynj voices! Voices I nevah hurdeds bahfors. En dey had stwanj aksents… not da English I wuz yooz tah! But it wuz English doe. Den wun dey I hurds the box I wuz in beans openeds and dis laydee stahteds tah loox at ehvree fing inside da box wif me. En den she lifteds me up and bahgans tah laff! She wuz like a cwayzee pursin. She lookteds at me and laft and laft and den she huggeds me weely tite.. I dint nose she wuz now gunna bees my mah… I juss fot she wuz weely weirds, but in a gud weys. I wuz now in Ohio, en it wuz a few deys bahfurs kwissmiss. Den da berry nex dey I wuz on a pwayn tah Boston!! Now I nose dat da dey aftah mah gotteds me, she wuz goins tah Boston tah visits da famlees wif my big hyoomin bruhvah. She seds dat she luveds me soo much wen she sods me en she feh-oats so bad fur me beans in a stwaynj pwayce dat she dint wanneds tah leevs me ahlones… so she toox me wif hur juss so’s I cood gets tah nose hur and I hads da ahpahtoonitees tah meeteds my nyoo hyoomin famlees! At furs I wuz weely scayrds, but my mah turneds out tah bees da bess mah a teddy beah cood evah havs!

Translation by mah: I don’t really know what happened, I just know that one day I was in England, and my maker put me in this box with a bunch of other stuff, and I thought maybe we were moving or something… And I fell asleep, then all of a sudden I woke up with a big bump! And the box was closed and they kept bouncing me around. I ended up on my head many times! I was so scared en thought it would never end! I thought I was stuck in that box forever! And I kept hearing all these strange voices! Voices I never heard before. And they had strange accents… not the English I was used to! But it was English doe. Then one day I heard the box I was in being opened and this lady started to look at everything inside the box with me. And then she lifted me up and began to laugh! She was like a crazy person. She looked at me and laughed and laughed and then she hugged me really tight.. I didn’t know she was now going to be my mah… I just thought she was really weird, but in a good way. I was now in Ohio, en it was a few days before Christmas. Then the very next day I was on a plane to Boston!! Now I know what I didn’t know then, and that was that the day after mah got me, she was goings to Boston to visit the family with my big human brother for the holidays. She said that she loved me soo much when she saw me and she felt so bad for me being in a strange place that she didn’t want to leave me alone… so she took me with her just so I could get to know her and I had the opportunity  to meet my new human family! At first I was really scared, but my mah turned out to be the best mah a teddy bear could ever have!

How did you get your name?
My name Ker’Dunkedunk Bear… hmmm… mah seds dat she giveds me da nayms coz I havs kahdunkedunk… she seds dat is a wurd fur junk in da twunk… http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kadunkadunk but she dint wanna cawls me kadunkedunk, but sumpin liketeds it.. so she naymeds me Ker’Dunkedunk coz she sed it soundeds Jermin en lookteds Jermin wif da apostwafee. But da bess paht, she seds dat she speh-odes it like dis cos da ‘D loox like a winkin smy-ohs! I liketeds dat.Translation by mah: My name Ker’Dunkedunk Bear… hmmm… mah said that she gave me the name because I have kahdunkedunk… she seds dat is a word for junk in th trunk…http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kadunkadunk but she didn’t want to call me kadunkedunk, but something like it.. so she named me Ker’Dunkedunk because she said it sounded German and looked German with the apostrophe. But the best part is, she said that she spelled it like this because the ‘D looks like a winking smile! I liked that.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Funnee. Hugaboes. Cwayzee.Translation by mah: Funny, Huggable, Crazy.

We see you like to travel. How many countries have you visited so far? And do you have a favourite one?
Weh-ohs, I wuz borneds in Englenz, en I now livs in da U.S. en I has bin tah bearmyoodahs! En I gots tah Bearmyoodah via a kwooz! Dat wuz pawsome! But dats it so fah… I’s onlee 2 yeahs ode doe.. so I iz shoo-Ah I’s gunna goes tah alottah uhvah pwayces! but I’s bin awso tah Boston en Connecticutt, en I livs in Ohio! But I wood sey Bearmyoodah wuz wunna da bess pwayces coz it hads da beech en da oh-shins! I had nevah sods da oh-shins bahfors! It’s sooooo big! We hads tah cwoss it tah gets tah Bearmyoodah on da kwooz which iz a jyent ship!Translation by mah: Well, I was born in England, en I now live in the U.S. and I have been to Bermuda! And I got to Bermuda via a cruise! That was awesome! But thats it so far… I’m only 2 years old though.. so I am sure I’m going to go to a lot of  places! But I’ve been also to Boston and Connecticut, and I live in Ohio! But I wood say Bermuda was one of the best places because it had the beach and the ocean! I had never seen the ocean before! It’s sooooo big! We had to cross it to get to Bermuda on the cruise which is a giant ship!

What’s your favourite thing to do?
Eat Choclet en spen tines wif my furiends.Translation by mah: Eat Chocolate and spend time with my furiends.

What’s your favourite food?
Choclet en Vejjee pizza, coz I’s a vejebearian. Da animoes iz my friends, en I can’t eet my furiends. Dat wood be meensTranslation by mah:   Chocolate and Veggie pizza, because I’m a vggiebearian. the animals are my furiends, en I can’t eat my furiends. That would be mean!

Do you have many outfits?
Ummm… I havs a lottah jumpahs en hats… I havs sum shurts en pants and tuns of sneekahs. I luvs my sneekahs…Translation by mah: Ummm… I have a lot of jumpers *sweaters* and hats… I have some shirts and pants and tons of sneakers. I love my sneakers…

Do you have a role model?
Yep… my buddy TGT… dat stanz fur Tour Guide Ted. I luveds hims sooo much. En I weely admiahs hims coz he weely twavoes ahlots!!  En he is a weely nice guy. Most of da tines… hee hee. Suntines he’s notty too, juss not as much as me.En he en my uhvah furiend Jeremy heh-ops me gets intah da Aviatahs on twittahs.Translation by mah: Yep… my buddy TGT… that stands for Tour Guide Ted. I love him sooo much. And I really admire him because he reakly travels a lot!!  And he is a really nice guy. Most of the times… hee hee. Sometimes he’s naughy too, just not as much as me. And he and my other furiend helped me get into the aviators on twitter.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Weh-ohs, yes en no… I luveds dis gurl Fweya dat livs in Jerminee, but she flurts too much and mayks me weely jellees! Mah seds she’s juss weely furiendlees, en it’s da Latino in me dat mayks me jellees… coz mah is Spanish speakin en now so am I, coz she teecheds me it. She seds I’s da Dezee Ahnez of teddy beahs. Hee hee. I no nose wat she meens, but it sounz funnies.Translation by mah: Well, yes and no… I love this girl Freya that lives in Germany, but she flirts too much and makes me really jealous! Mah says she’s just really furiendly, and it’s the Latino in me that makes me jealous… because mah is Spanish speaking and now so am I, because she taught me it. She said I’s the Desi Arnez of teddy bears. Hee hee. I don’t know what she means, but it sounds funny’.

So with the dogs we have interviewed, we have always asked if they are a duvet/blanket or a basket dog but not sure how that works for bears. Do you have you own bed?
I shayrs da bed wif my siblins en my mah. We awl shayrs. Nuffins tah wites home abouts doe.Translation by mah: I share the bed with my sibling’s en my mah. We all share. Nothing to write home about though.

You have anything else you wish to add?
I iz hopins tah wun dey goes bak tah englens… I wuz gunna goes dehr tah gets fixt, coz mah seds my nek is bwaykins, but it no hurteds doe… she seds I gotta getteds fixt soon doe, but dat she’s not sendins me dat fah ahgens on my owns. She seds if I goes, she goes. En wun dey I hopeteds tah goes tah Disney wurls tah meets summah my friends like TGT and Duffy en awso tah Puerto Rico, coz dats wehr mah wuz borns. Uddah den dat, who nose wehr life wih-ohs leeds me. But most of awl, my dearest and gwaytess dweem iz tah wun dey has my own satahdey mornin cahtoon! Oh, en I has two cats naymd Aero en Cwanberwee. Yep! en wunna da bess deys of my lifes wuz my birfdey lass yeah Decembah 21. Oh! en I luvs wainy deys but I hayts litanies!Translation by mah:  I am hoping to one day go back to England… I was going to go there to get fixed, because mah said my neck is braking, but it doesn’t hurt though… she said I got to get it fixed soon though, but that she’s not sending me that far again on my own. She said if I go, she goes. And one day I hope to go to Disney world  to meet some of my friends like TGT and Duffy and also to Puerto Rico, because that’s where mah was born. Other than that, who nose wehr life will lead me. But most of all, my dearest and greatest dream is to one day have  my own Saturday morning cartoon! Oh, and I has two cats named Aero en Cranberry. Yep! And one of the best days of my life was my birthday last year December 21. Oh, and I love rainy days but I hate lightening!

Wow! That’s some journey Ker’Dunkedunk has been on! You can keep following him on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook you can also find lots more pictures and he’s got videos too! Check out his YouTube page here




That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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