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Interview with Cookie & Duchess

February 4th 2014:

Interview with Cookie & Duchess (@BigManLittleBoy)

Today we have not only one but two doxies in our interview as you can’t say Cookie without it being followed by Duchess. Two sisters who follow each other wherever they go and are some of my best friends from twitter. I just recently “met” them but they are always supportive and makes me smile on a rainy day. So over to the girls.

I wanted to start off by hearing a little about your late brother Bosco. Unfortunately we didn’t get to know him but we heard a lot about him so can you tell us a little about him?
Bosco, aka #BoscorelliTheBelly, was one of da founding members of da #doxieposse and #doxiemafia on Twitter. He lived as Mom and Dad’s only child for 11 years before we came along, and had a happy, active wonderful life! He was da King around here, no doubt. He welcomed us into his den and loved having 2 beautiful red sisfurs by his side. He was a typical dachshund: loving, cute, silly, sly, demanding, stubborn, sweet and smart. He was a very good boy. And very handsome! We will always love and miss Bosco and fank you for asking about him.

How did you end up in your lovely home together?
Our first owner, Mom’s step grandmother, passed away at the age of 95. She had us for 5 years, and gave us a great life! Despite a family connection, we had never met Mom, and she had only heard stories about us. Being a Dachshund lover and Mom to Bosco, Mom was first in line in da family to take us. On the day of the funeral, Mom visited us for da first time. We showered her with kisses and showed her all of our toys! It was love at first sight, and in April of 2012, Mom and Dad brought us home, after we passed the “Bosco test” (which we did wif flying colors). We loved him immediately, and smothered his face with kisses, den showed him da tree in our yard where the raccoons lived!

Describe yourselves in 3 words. (You get 3 words each :))
Cookie: Leader, athletic, smart
Duchess: Diva, loud, silly

Do you have favourite toy(s)?
Cookie: One of da squirrel toys
Duchess: Whatever Cookie is playing wif at da time

What’s your favourite thing to do?
Cookie: I must walk!!! I live to walk!! I should be a working dog on a farm!
Duchess: I must bark!!! I live to bark! And eat! I bark so I can eat!

What’s your favourite food?
Cookie: I can say my favorite snack is Cheetos! I love to crunch dem loud in my toofies!
Duchess: My food of choice is a bite of steak, or salmon.

Does your mummy dress you up?
She tried, and I Cookie let her know it would not be acceptable to do this to me. I just sit and pout until she removes whatever she has placed on my body.
I Duchess don’t mind wearing stuff, because I run immediately to treat area and demand to be rewarded! Funny, I don’t seem to get dressed up much anymore, except for my winter sweaters, which I proudly wear.

Most doxies are fair weather dogs, are you too?
We only like good weather, or great weather. Not fair weather.

What’s the naughtiest thing you have done?
Cookie: gone thru the bathroom trash can. We just leave it at dat.
Duchess: eaten discarded people food on da street.

Do you know any tricks?
Cookie: I do yoga, and I can push any open door or barrier with my snout hard enough to get through.
Duchess: I can “sit pretty” but I don’t get asked to perform it as it isn’t good for my widdle back.

Do you have a role model?
Paws down, Bosco will always be our role model. He taught us all da in’s and out’s of being a properly spoiled, pampered dachshund.

Are you a duvet/blankie or basket doxies?
We are both duvet and blankie dwellers. Our house looks like a blankie factory exploded in here!

It sure sounds like the girls are up to lots of fun and have been blessed with not one but two loving homes. Thank you Cookie & Duchess for participating in the interview giving us an insight in your lives and telling us about Bosco. Enjoy the pictures of the sisters and some with Bosco too.

Looking for Mom

Looking for Mom

Sisfurs in Woods

Sisfurs in Woods

Sisfurs Meet Bosco

Sisfurs Meet Bosco

Let Us In

Let Us In

Bosco and Duchess

Bosco and Duchess

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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