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Interview with Brody Adrien

March 12th 2014:

Interview with Brody Adrien Bessio (check out his Facebook here and on Twitter @Brody_Dachshund)

Are you ready to meet another cool doxie?! He’s a rescue and still looking for the Ms. Right (application can be submitted to his Facebook page 😀 Over to your Brody:

Tell us about your family?
I live with my Momma and my Dad in my palatial estate in Northern VA (USA). My Momma adopted me on 12/31/11 from Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA).  I say she saved me, but she says I saved her.

Two months after Momma adopted me she was re-united with my now Dad after they went on a match.com date.  Turns out they sat right next to each other at the same freshman orientation table at George Mason University (GMU) waaay back in the day.  They lost touch as Dad transferred to another college, but then re-united some 17 years later!  Momma and I couldn’t be happier!  Dad and I have quit the #bromance.

Momma and Dad are both of Italian descent, but my breed (and my far back family) is German; so I’m half Italian, half German. I have the Italian long nose with the distinct German conical head. I LOVE me some Italian pasta, but do not speak Italian. I do speak German on the regular with Dad.

Also in my family is my G-Mommy and G-Dad.  They live close by in MD.  They take care of me when Dad and Mom are gone and give me lotsa pets.  G-Mommy always comes with Momma to my Doxie playgroups I go to as well.  (they are tons of fun!)

My Dad’s parents also live close by.  They let me come over all the time and I hop up on the couch, make myself at home and watch sports with them.  G-Mama calls me a “creature” and I think that is hilarious!!

How did you get your name?
I came with the name Brody but then due to my very long nose and the fact that Momma believes that everyone needs a middle name; I got Adrien as my middle name.  Named after “Adrien Brody” the actor.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
I am loyal, loving and very silly

What’s your favourite thing to do?
I am a DIE HARD STASHER.  Everything I own I hide, try to bury or stash in places all throughout the house or my yard.

What’s your favourite food?
Paws down, cheese

Do you have a favourite toy?
Yes, it’s a miniature lamb chop toy I call Lambiekins.  I stash him almost every night so my furrents don’t find him.  I love Lambiekins so berry much!

What’s the most naughtiest thing you have done?
This is not my fault because I was sick (I have an allergy to chicken) but I pooped all over Momma’s old condo.

Do you know any tricks?
I ‘roach’ very well.

Do you have a role model?
Oh my yes; Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund.  Wow, what a stud.

Do you have a girlfriend?
At the moment no, no girlfriend.  I ‘holla’ at a lot of Girl Doxies on my FB page but I don’t seem to get any replies.  Maybe it is my method of ‘cat calling’ that doesn’t work!?  Hmmm

Do you like to dress up?
Yes, I enjoy my numerous clothing options.  I am quit the dapper Dachshund if I do say so myself.  Though, the word recently got out where I get my clothing (Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique) so I’m sure my size is going to start to sell out!!


 Are you a blanket/duvet or basket dog?
Blankie all the way!

Do you have anything else you want to add?
Please do not overlook the ‘slightly’ older dogs when you are looking for a companion to adopt. I am a very young 8 years old and I am so thankful that my Momma worked with DRNA (www.drna.org) and rescued me.  I have so many more years of my life to love my family (and stash everything).

There are so many of my furriends out there that need help.  Puppies are fun, but so are us ‘never growing up’ adult dogs!

(Disclaimer – Momma does not work for DRNA, she is just thankful for such a great organization!)

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Head over to his Facebook page and lick his like button and if you are on Twitter, you can find him there too! Show him some love and as mentioned, he’s still looking for the one. It could be you! Don’t miss out 🙂

Big nose

Big nose



New yard strut

New yard strut

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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