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Take a flight with #TheAviators

Two weeks ago Lily and I joined another club on Twitter called #TheAviators. We had heard about the club and seen lots of our friends wearing goggles but we didn’t think it was something for us. We were then introduced to Toddy who told us more about #TheAviators and we thought it sounded so exciting that we had to join too. Toddy was so kind to give us some background information about #TheAviators as well as giving us an insight into the club. So over to Toddy:

#TheAviators is a Twitter club founded after some chat about flying and a couple of chaps using old fashioned flying goggles. The first flying school was in May 2012 and missions followed. #TheAviators settled into a three monthly pattern with a Flying School, Adventure and Tribute in the northern and southern time zones to cover the world. #TheAviators are all about flying in furendship and respect, we have fun missions and we have serious tribute flights honouring those who have passed OTRB. (ed. Over The Rainbow Bridge)

The current steering group consists of me @Toddyfur (making tea and doing club admin), @3DogsWhite who runs #TheAviators account on Twitter and @clingycat is flight leader for southern missions. The club is entirely staffed by volunteers and members fly when they are available.

There are two flying school classes. In “Basics” we introduce chaps to #TheAviators and working with airplanes in a light hearted class. In Flying school month we also have an “Advanced” class focussing on new skills in a mission format. A flying license is issued after the basics class and there is a certificate for each advanced class.

Adventure missions aim to share experiences – a flight over a holiday resort, home town or perhaps memories of a furend OTRB. Adventure Flights can be small and personal or a big official event. Any flyer can host an adventure flight but the next large one organised by the club is in March.

Finally we have the Tribute flights. #TheAviators honor those who have passed OTRB, remembering furends and creating a space for chaps to come together in respect. #TheAviators host one of the oldest Twitter tributes.

That’s who we are Felix and I am jolly pleased you joined us. I’m sure you will have fun and it will be great to fly with you.

We can’t wait for our first flight which is next Saturday. Toddy has also helped with our goggles and choosing our plane! Check them out below!

Check out our new plane!

Check out our new plane!

Ready for take off!

Ready for take off!

We think #TheAviators is a great club for anipals to get together and honour a lost friend or go on an adventure together. You can find out more by following #TheAviators on Twitter under the hashtag and their account @TheAviatorsClub. They also have a website where you can find more information – The Aviators as well as a blog The Aviators Blog – we will be attending our first flight on Saturday February 22nd! We hope we do well 🙂

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


3 thoughts on “Take a flight with #TheAviators

  1. We just discovered this article today thanks to #TheAviators HQ staff – how wonderful and delightful. Thank you so much. #TheAviators is our primary anipal club on Twitter. – We love Twitter flying. So happy Felix and Lily that you are new members. You both look pretty fabulous in your goggles with your airplane. We send LOVE. Your furriends, Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite on Twitter.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. We are glad to hear you like the post. Toddy was such a great help. We are happy to be members of #TheAviators and love flying!

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