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DA Dogfather

We have been so excited to publish this special edition including an interview with a very honoured guest. So with no further ado, let me introduce you to Fritzie also better known as DA Dogfather!

Fritzie also better known as DA Dogfather

Fritzie also better known as DA Dogfather

He’s a role model to me, not just because he’s adorable and handsome but because of his age! He’s lived a long life and doesn’t look a day over 5! I hope that will be me one day! You would never guess that he’s actually 21! Yes 21! You read it right! Today it’s his special day and tomorrow he’s having a big party to celebrate and doxies from around the world will be participating on twitter. There will be eating, sunning, digging contests, bacon beers, waterslides and lots more! It’s going to be a blast. 

I sent him some questions over and he was nice to reply back with a little about himself. So over to DA Dogfather:

Hi there, well thank you for wanting to interview me. I am a 21 year old rescue doxie, I am born and bred in the U.K.(have never been to da U.S.of A sadly). I came to live with my Mum and Dad when I was 6, I was rescued from a breeder who had over 60 dogs. I can honestly say that the secret to my longevity, is my Mums cooking, she has always home cooked for me and I have a good wholesome diet, my fave food is white fish, I have it at breakfast, I also have chicken or turkey for dinner. I used to have rice or pasta now I also have quinoa, so you can see I am pretty well fed. I, being a long haired Dox like to sleep on the floor even though I have a bed in every room of the house. I only need one word to describe myself FABULOUS!! oh and maybe modest! My fave thing to do is to be wherever Mum is. Basically food inspires me, will do ANYTHING for food. Is there anyone more famous than me? (that was the answer to who his role model is) The only difference in sueaky toys is they now last a lot longer as I tend to ignore them, whereas I used to destroy them, eyes first, then nose and last of all stuffing, all that used to be done in 10 seconds flat. I love windy days I put my snout up and SNIFF! Hope that’s okay for you xx

We would like to thank DA Dogfather for letting us feature him in The Doxie Press. It has been a honour and we would like to again congratulate you on your 21st birthday. We hope you have a great time both today and tomorrow at the party.


You can follow DA Dogfather on Facebook as well as on twitter (@fritziethedoxie).

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


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