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A Few Words From The Editor

Five years ago two humans came to my home and they played with me and my brother. I was very quiet and shy and the lady quickly made a fuss about me. Shortly after I was in their car in a little box on my first adventure. It turned out to be my mummy who was that lady and since that day I have been living with mummy and daddy and have gone on lots of adventures!

Ten weeks old!

Ten weeks old! Am I not cute?!

They soon found out I wasn’t the quiet and shy doxie as first anticipated! It was of course a disguise for them to chose me and take me home! I’m very clever that way. We lived in Denmark at that time and I really loved it there. I had a great friend across from there and mummy and daddy would take me on the bus and train and go visit my grannies where my doxie uncle lived. We would have so much fun together and get into a lot of trouble too!

Me and uncle Micki!

Me and uncle Micki!

After living 1 year in Denmark, I moved with mummy and daddy to Manchester in England and boy was that a huge place! So many new smells to explore too! It was tough for little me in such a busy place but when you are as charming as me, soon I had some friends again. My best friend is Gin who lived only two doors down from us! We would visit each other a lot, play chase, tug of war, beg for food – you name it and we did it!

My pal Gin

In England I also became a proud brother to my sister Lily – at first I wasn’t sure I should approve of this cat coming into my home! She did however charm us all and soon became a member of our lovely family. We can be best of friends but also worst enemies! It was fun at first because I would always win but today she has grown to become a big cat and is now bigger than me so I tend to loose – though I hate to admit it! She is though a great sister and will always defend me against any threats like big dogs and zombies (more on that shortly).


My first meeting with Lily


Lily at 8 weeks

Lily and I joined the ZombieSquad last year and we are proud members. I’m a Colonel and Lily is a Lance Corporal as well as a secretary for one of the highest members Biscuit. The ZombieSquad is a squad of members who protects the world against zombies. It’s a very important task and we take the job very seriously. Zombies are brilliant at disguising themselves and can look like cats, squirrels and even humans! So you got to be careful but remember we are only a Raaraaa away if you ever need help!


Me in my ZombieSquad uniform


Lily has been on night patrol so having a little nap

My latest big adventure was moving to the big country of Canada!! We went on a plane! I tell you that was some scary stuff! We got to Vancouver safely and we have been busy keeping the city safe from zombies the last couple of months. We are just about to move into a new place – I have requested my PA to get my desk set up asap so I can keep you posted on the news of the world.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed or featured, feel free to contact me on twitter or my PA and we will set it up.

That’s how the doggy biscuit crumbles!


6 thoughts on “A Few Words From The Editor

  1. Aww Felix what a cute puppy you were. And told tell Lily we said this coz we’re not supposed to like cats but she really was a cute fluffball kitten πŸ™‚

  2. Felix, I just read your story from when you were a puppy. You were so cute. You really lifted my spirits today. Thanks Felix. XxπŸ’—

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